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UK ‘risks being unable to build true warfighting and strategic readiness’ as ‘the storm clouds’ gather

5th Feb 24 2:41 pm

Military experts are warning that the British government are risking the UK from being able to build a proper “warfighting and strategic readiness” that may threaten our security, which comes as military leaders are voicing concerns that World War Three is on the horizon.

The government are being urged to take immediate action to build defences as currently the UK is “too weak” and would not be able to cope with a world war.

The government has been warned that Britain’s weapons stockpile falls “far below” the level needed to right against Russia, which comes as UK military chiefs have warned ministers and the public to prepare for war.

A report by the Commons defence select committee warned, “The Government risks being unable to build true warfighting and strategic readiness because of the sheer pace of operations, which could threaten the security of the UK.”

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The committee warned that “storm clouds” are gathering and there is very little time left to address military personnel shortages and build up the stockpile of munitions.

The chairman of the all-party committee Tory MP Sir Jeremy Quin has called in MPs to provide an “intense focus” for the UK to be ready for an “all-out” and a “prolonged war.”

The former Labour defence minister Kevan Jones has called on the government to “lift the veil of secrecy it has put in place to hide the truth and be clear with the British people about our armed forces’ limitations.”

Jones warned, “The report highlights the weaknesses of our armed forces after a decade of lack of investment and indecision.”

Last month, General Sir Patrick Sanders Chief of the General Staff has told Brits they must be ready for war with Russia, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The government will have no choice but to call up men and women into the armed forces which could see some form of the old style of national service being reintroduced as “authoritarian states are rearming.”

Tory MP Tobias Ellwood who served with General Sir Patrick told Sky News there is a “1939 feel to the world” and he warned that UK is not ready to deal with what is soon to come “over the horizon.”

Ellwood made his comments after General Sir Patrick is set to give a speech warning that young men and women will be called up to join the armed forces and will be mobilised fight on the frontlines as the British Army is far too small.

Ellwood said General Sir Patrick is “one of the most cerebral thinkers that we’ve got” and a great “strategist.”

Ellwood said that the government needs “to listen and listen carefully, we’ve been too complacent.

“What’s coming over the horizon should shock us. It should worry us and we are not prepared.”

Ellwood who is a former British Army officer warned that countries such as Russia could try to “exploit our timidity, perhaps our reluctance to really put fires out.”

The Tory MP said, “So Patrick Sanders is saying prepare for what’s coming over the horizon – there is a 1939 feel to the world right now.

“These authoritarian states are rearming.

“There’s a risk averseness about the West in wanting to deal with that and our global institutions such as the United Nations aren’t able to hold these errant nations to account.”

Ellwood said that the army is “overstretched” and the armed forces as a whole is around “half the size of what it should be.”

The Tory MP added, “In the Cold War, we had 36 fast jet squadrons, we’re down to about six today. And that’s just an illustration of just how small our armed forces are.”

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