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Turkish government attempt to place restrictions on Twitter to fight against ‘disinformation’ as people are angry with the response

by LLB Politics Reporter
9th Feb 23 11:44 am

More than 17,000 people have now died in Turkey after Monday’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake and people are angry with the government’s response.

Speaking to Sky News a man said that he is furious with the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan over his lack of help.

The Turkish President has hit out at those who are criticising him and is calling them “traitors” and as a result of the amount of furious tweets authorities are attempting to place restrictions on Twitter.

Survivors are finding access to TikTok and Twitter restricted which is potentially stifling rescue efforts to find people.

Twitter service in Turkey is now limited according to the monitoring group NetBlocks and TitkTok also confirmed in a statement users are struggling to access the platform overnight.

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NetBlocks tracked a “gradual implementation of the restriction, coming in place provider by provider,” NetBlocks director Alp Toker said.

The limits are “consistent with known forms of censorship in the country,” and by Thursday morning NetBlocks said that Twitter access was restored.

Toker added, “Twitter has been an absolute lifeline in the aftermath of the earthquakes, both for rescuers to seek assistance and coordinate the provision of rescue equipment, and by those seeking missing loved ones.

“There is no obvious replacement to fill the gap.”

Elon Musk said that his company was “informed by the Turkish government that access” will be “reenabled shortly.”

People are being forced to loot shops for food, nappies for their babies and water in the outskirts of Iskenderun.

People are smashing their way in to supermarkets with burglar alarms ringing out as people are in a frenzy to collect as much food as they can.

A man told Sky News, “I have children.

“all I’m taking is yoghurts for them to eat.

“I would pay for anything, but they aren’t opening their shops.”

A woman said, “Look at what we have become.

“our humanity is dead.”

President Erdogan agrees that there were “shortcomings” in Turkey’s response and then blamed the damage to Hatay airport and the bad weather hampering efforts.

The President said,  “It is not possible to be prepared for such a disaster.

“We will not leave any of our citizens uncared for.”

He then slammed those who are criticising him, and said, “dishonorable people” are spreading “lies and slander” about the government and their efforts.

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