Home Business News More than 1,000 people are living in a tented city and almost 10,000 have died after the earthquake in Turkey

More than 1,000 people are living in a tented city and almost 10,000 have died after the earthquake in Turkey

by LLB Politics Reporter
8th Feb 23 10:12 am

Across Turkey and Syria more than 9,600 have died following multiple earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks have hit since Monday.

Turkey’s disaster management authority said that around 37,000 people have been injured and so far there has been 7,108 confirmed deaths, and as of their latest update at 6.40 am they reported that a further 800 have sadly passed away.

In Syria’s insurgent held areas it has been reported that 1,280 have died, and in government controlled areas 1,250 were killed in the earthquake and in total 9,638 people were killed.

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The true extent of the losses will not be known for “quite some time” Dr Margret Harris of the World Health Organization said.

Dr Harris who is a spokesperson for the WHO told Sky News, “Each disaster is different. And of course, the work going on to get people is extremely important.

“We won’t really know the extent of these losses for quite some time. And the important thing is to prevent people who’ve injured or have been affected by this from also dying.”

She then said that it was a miracle that a baby was born under the rubble which is now safe and in hospital.

Dr Harris added, “Babies will be born in the next few days to people who are sheltering in cars, who were in dire situations and that is not a situation you want a child to be in.

“There are people who’ve got chronic illness. People who are diabetic and need to get their treatment or people who have hypertension [high blood pressure] and the stress may lead to a heart attack.

“So all those health services need to be provided as quickly and as close to the people who are currently suffering.”

In one of Turkey’s hardest hit city, Sanliurfa around 1,500 people are living in an erected tented city.

Speaking to Sky News a survivor told Kay Burley who is on the ground in Turkey, that he, his five children were among 25 people were sleeping on the floor in a tiny tent.

He said that “there is nothing left” where he lives and they were surrounded by rubble, he added, “We were terrified of staying there, it was total devastation so we can’t stay there. It is horrible.

“Everyone is too scared to go into apartment blocks and houses. No one would dare.”

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