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Captured Russian soldiers humiliate Putin claiming they have ‘no training’ and were ‘thrown into war like Jackals’

by LLB Reporter
5th May 22 12:49 pm

Russian soldiers have humiliated Vladimir Putin after a Russian soldier has said they received “no training” and “we have nothing.”

Captured Russian soldiers in Ukraine have spoken out over their conditions and one said that the Russian army had “thrown them into war like jackals.”

The Sun reported in an exclusive that Russian soldiers were seen at a Ukrainian detention camp near Dnipro where they spoke to two of the soldiers.

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They said they are being treated well and that members of the International Committee of the Red Cross to check on their welfare.

One of the Russian detainees said that the Russian army “don’t care about their men, they treat us like dogs.”

He said that they did not receive clear plans of their mission at the start of the invasion in Ukraine, he said, “At first we didn’t realise where we were or where we were going, but on the second day we knew.

“We crossed into Ukrainian territory and we knew because we saw the border fence destroyed.

“We were ordered to fan out the vehicles and given coordinates to fire.

“We didn’t know what we were firing at, but now I have been told we were hitting a village with civilians.”

He added, “A lot of people think it is the second army in the world, but we have nothing. We have no training, we have no equipment and it is a crime to say that in Russia.”

Another soldier told the newspaper that he was captured in an ambush, he said, “We only do field exercises twice a year.

“We go away for a month, twice a year, and practice firing, but we don’t train for ambushes.

“Artillery isn’t supposed to be ambushed.”

The Sun then asked the soldiers of war crimes, executions, rape and torture being committed and the newspaper reported that they were “shocked.”

One said, “I have thought about war crimes a lot. I believe it.

“Because I know how things go in my country.

“And because they let anyone join the army.”

The other said, “I am shocked. They are just idiots.”

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