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Top five small business investment opportunities in London for 2020

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20th Apr 20 3:54 pm

United Kingdom is one of the major economies of the world which drives many other economies as well. From last year the change in GDP is 2.3% which is a really good indicator of the fact that the country is growing again after Brexit after the downturn and other global economic events. So, the budding entrepreneurs who are seeking opportunities to make it big in the UK with their innovative ideas should go through the most promising business ideas which are forecasted to make money in this market. However, for savvy punters 2020 Champions League betting offers a number of massive games from a betting perspective. Investors, looking at the profit margin of a company is a key characteristic that they’ll keep in mind as they search for a new business opportunity.

We have compiled a short list below, which may give you some guidance.

Legal and accounting services

Legal services, accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll are types of services that are continually in high demand. And they appear to be quite lucrative, with even small firms in fields such as accounting raking in a £1.5m fee income per year. Naturally, before you try your hand at managing someone’s salary, it is essential that you possess the specialized licensing and qualifications required.


It’s been around 125 years since the invention of the radio, but our appetite for audio content is bigger than ever. There are now over 700,000 podcasts available in 100 languages, and one in eight of us listen to a podcast every week (a 24% increase in the last year alone). With growth like that, it’s not surprising that advertisers are taking the podcasting medium more seriously – 75% increased spend in 2019. Unless you’ve got a significant listenership, it will be hard to raise enough from advertisers to make a living from the off. But get the content right first, build a following, and you could open up a number of revenue streams, including merchandise, listener support subscriptions, and ads.


The beauty industry is no longer able to ignore its ugly record on the environment. It’s a sector that’s been heavily reliant on plastic, but with 83% of consumers saying they would choose a brand based on its sustainability, more environmental alternatives could be big winners in the UK’s £2.7bn beauty sector. From refillable products to skincare that uses waste materials like coffee grounds, the sector is already seeing a surge in planet-saving innovation.

Child-oriented businesses

Do you have a passion for improving the lives of children and their parents? With a major baby boom over the last two years, child-oriented businesses are guaranteed to see profit in 2020. Child-oriented businesses range from doulas and post-pregnancy caretakers to childcare organizations and entertainment services for kids. Depending on your skillset and business goals, you can take this opportunity to earn money by combining your love for caretaking and interest in tech, gaming, and/or healthcare.

Organic or herbal food store

Most people due to different health problems these days are again going back to their roots and trying natural and organic foods. There is a huge demand for these foods amongst the upper middle class and rich people. If you want to set up your foothold in the food industry and want to make money out of it, then in the UK, herbal food store can be a good option to start.

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