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Top 5 tips on how to save money

25th Jun 18 1:15 pm

Read on to help you save money

How many examples do we know when well-known oligarchs in their daily lives lead a very modest way of life, without the need to boast of their savings. It does not occur to them to throw money to right and left since they understand that money must be saved and that wealth cannot be eternal. Someone manages to spend thousands a month on trips to restaurants, cinemas, alcohol, and cigarettes, and someone, saving the same amount a month, allows himself or herself a good rest or the purchase of significant things. Therefore, in this article, it will be appropriate to talk about things that can help you save money and how to do this easily. Discover essays about money for students on this website.


Learn the rule of thirty days

Whenever you want to make an optional purchase, wait 30 days, then ask yourself — do you want this thing. Quite often it happens that the desire to buy has passed and as a result money is saved.

Buy in bulk

Products of non-perishable food can be bought in bulk. This will save time and money. Cereals, pasta, deep-frozen products, hygiene items can be purchased in large quantities, not doubting that they become quickly bad.

Change your habits

Learn how to manage and plan

Not all people can maintain their finances competently. But the skill of correctly managing money will allow you to plan further budget expenditures. This will make it possible to observe two golden rules of the economy: do not buy unnecessaries and do not overpay.

Percentage rule of saving up

For this, there is a ten percent rule. According to this recommendation, you should monthly save 10% of the total income, which will keep a significant portion of the funds. Just give up various kinds of knickknacks and find some attractive purpose of accumulation, then it will not be difficult to save up 10%.

Discard bank cards

A lot of people are used to paying for purchases with the help of cards. But studies say that the continued use of bank threatens to loss of control over their expenses. It is much easier for a person to part with invisible figures than with real pieces of paper.


Eat before going to the store. Do not visit the store when you are hungry. Because in this case, you want to buy everything from the store. Also, try not to begin shopping with no intent, since you will put something extra into the basket.

Take food with you to work and avoid fast food. One of the primary expenses of a busy person is daily business lunches. Each such dinner can take away an impressive amount. Therefore, try to prepare simple and healthy meals that you can take with you to work. In total, an hour at a plate will allow saving a heap of money and will relieve from excess pounds.

Use the leftovers. A great way to save money is to use the leftovers. Quite often, you can get a delicious lunch or dinner from them. Especially since there are a lot of recipes on the Internet. An excellent option is a pizza, whereas a filling can be anything.

Save on coffee. To date, the number of coffee houses has grown significantly. And it’s not surprising when the coffee business brings many dividends. Abandoning street coffee will save a few dollars. Moreover, you can do the same at home but pay nothing.


Choose reliability and economy when buying a car

A reliable and economical vehicle will save you a ton of money. If you can save at least 1 liter of gasoline for every 100 km, then for a run of 10,000 kilometers you will save about 100 liters of gas.

Reduce travel by personal transport

If there is no urgent need to travel by private transport – the best solution is to walk. This is useful for health and profitable for your wallet.

Try “carpool”

If someone who works in the same place as you is living next to you, there is an excellent opportunity to reduce car wear and fuel costs. Arrange to travel together, changing the car and the driver in turn.


Small manipulations will allow you to get money without working. All you need is find the objects which you haven’t used for the last years and turn them into your domestic business.

Sell unnecessary things. Enter your room and look at each item in it. Do you need it? If you can find things that you can get rid of, get rid of them. They create a mess. This will bring the house in order. This is economical and useful.

Save on utilities. Since electrical appliances occupy the first place in the dwelling of each of us (lighting, refrigerator, microwave oven, cooker, vacuum cleaner, kettle, coffee maker, computer, laptop, TV, etc.), then it is necessary to save electricity first. Saving power, as well as water and gas, will significantly reduce its costs.

Do not get carried away by buying cleaning products. Skillful marketers have taught us that each surface and piece of furniture requires their cleaning products and appliances. In fact, you can purchase universal or apply a tool. Of course, it is worthwhile to distinguish between cleaning products for carpets and wooden furniture, but you do not need to fill up shelves with all kinds of cans.

All in all, there are lots of easy tips and rules about how to save up some money. Find which aspect of life takes the biggest amount of your budget and try to focus on changing it. Be sure that this method will pay off and save your money for more significant expenses.

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