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Alcohol tolerance – Your ‘iron liver!’ the talk of town

27th Apr 18 12:10 pm

The more you drink, the higher the degree of alcohol tolerance.

Did you have one too many last night and the next morning you wake vowing never to touch an alcoholic drink ever again? You are now officially in the world of alcohol withdrawal. People assume that for one to suffer withdrawal symptoms, they must be addicts. That simple hangover that makes you not leave your room for hours is the first sign of withdrawal. Alcohol is used by many as a stress reliever. Most people prefer using it to forget about their problems because of its ability to cause a happy feeling. Science even backs up these claims explaining that the brain produces chemicals that make you happy when drunk.

It is true that for moment, you might feel like you have just won a lottery but this is how your body starts building up alcohol tolerance. This condition is often praised among friends rather than them realizing how dangerous it is. You may always be the designated driver due to your ability to hold your alcohol but this is not something to be very proud of. The more your body does not get intoxicated easily the more you will drink. Most alcohol tolerant peoples argue that it is a waste of money to drink so much beer and yet end up feeling nothing.

With every happy drink that you cheers to, your brain starts adapting to the drug and its effects making it respond in a particular way such that the next time you have a beer, your brain already knows how to respond to the alcohol. This gradual process is how you develop alcohol tolerance which is very harmful for your liver. Therefore, instead of feeling the hero among your drinking buddies, you should start minimizing how much you drink to break alcohol tolerance.

How do you build alcohol tolerance?

You may be going through serious depression caused by the loss of a loved one. It is hard to accept the fact that they are gone, but consuming alcohol on a daily basis just to relief yourself the pain, will not bring them back rather make your body build tolerance to the drug.

It may be bad company from college that encourages you to drink since you only live once. In as much as you try to enjoy your youth, you are exposing your brain to get used to alcohol which may lead to an addiction problem. Your brain adapts to a particular level of stimulation in that when you suddenly stop using alcohol, you start suffering alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Most people who develop alcohol tolerance do not even realize it because to them it becomes a common habit to have one or two for the road without feeling that high. This may come as a shock to you but research shows that men’s bodies have the capacity to take in more alcohol than women without intoxication. As a man keeps on drinking without feeling immediate effects, they end up taking too much alcohol just to get to a climax as the rest of their friends. The more you drink, the higher the degree of alcohol tolerance.

What is the relationship between alcohol tolerance and your organs?

Your liver

You may be wondering how people end up needing urgent liver transplant after damaging theirs from their favorite drink. Well, the normal metabolism of a nondrinker is very different from an alcohol tolerant being. Heavy drinking patterns makes you metabolize twice as much as a teetotaler. As you drink more without feeling it, your liver tends to adapt to breaking the alcohol faster by creating enzymes responsible for the breakdown. As the process continues, you become tolerant with the urge to drink more to achieve this effect.

As you drink more regularly, the neurotransmitters inside your brain adapt to receiving high amounts of alcohol. This substance suppresses the functioning of the neurotransmitters making you want more as it has already adapted to more alcohol in your system.

Signs of high alcohol tolerance

Fear of insufficiency

Do you feel that the party might run out of alcohol before you finally get as drunk as others? If you find yourself carrying an extra bottle just in case it is not enough or too many people turn out for the party, you are building more alcohol tolerance.


If you shopping every other week cannot go without a few bottles of wine, this is not a good sign and might lead you to addiction.

Night drinking

Incase you have made it a habit to drink by the balcony as you enjoy the beauty of the stars at night as a way of ending your night in style, watch out on alcohol tolerance. You may not feel anything with a few glasses of wine but slowly ushering in alcohol tolerance.

Steps to conquering alcohol tolerance

Alcohol unit guide

Breaking these drinking patterns is a step to control alcohol tolerance so that you get back to living a normal healthy life. A weekly alcohol unit guide will break the tolerance since it outlines your gradual intake of alcohol so that you can minimize your consumption. A unit calculator is also provided to help you realize what is in your wine as well as how many calories you are consuming. This is because, alcohol contains high amounts of sugar and other chemicals that cause diseases such as diabetes and liver cirrhosis.


Alcohol detox helps you fight the tolerance. A few days of staying without succumbing to temptation of reaching for a beer from your fridge gradually makes you alcohol intolerant. The rate in which your body became tolerant to the alcohol is still the same rate it will be able to become intolerant. Detoxing is therefore a step to resetting your tolerance.

Final thoughts

Ability to hold alcohol is not something that should be celebrated and praised but rather should be handled with great concern. If you have reached this point, start alcohol withdrawal slowly reducing the drinks even if you don’t get drunk and remove the mentality of wasting money because, for you to reach this level, it means that you can afford such a lifestyle don’t you think so too? Eradicating alcohol tolerance and alcohol detox will keep you from getting addicted.

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