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Thousands protest in Beirut warning ‘jihad is our way’ and call on the Arab world to join Hamas

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
29th Oct 23 3:29 pm

Several thousand protestors have taken to the streets in the Lebanese capital, Beirut on Sunday demanding Israel “stops the genocide” in Gaza.

Thousands took part in a rally in the capital on Sunday in support of the Palestinians who are stuck and are dying or being wounded in Gaza amid Israeli strikes.

The protest was organised by the Lebanese Jama’a Islamiya group and the Palestinian militant group Hamas who control the Gaza Strip.

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Flags of the armed wing of Hamas the al-Qassam brigades were being waved and the protest was organised as the Israeli military have expanded their operations inside Gaza overnight.

Protesters shouted, “god is our aim jihad is our way” and some banners read “Stop the Gaza Genocide.”

Omar Haymour, vice secretary general of the Jamaa Islamiya, who are a Muslim Brotherhood inspired group, told the several thousand protesters, “We tell Egypt, you have the best opportunity today to reclaim the leadership of the Arab, Islamic world in taking a clear and bold stance,” in a call to open the Rafah crossing to Gaza.

Haymour has called on all Arab countries to expel Israeli diplomats and join the fight with Hamas.

The Israeli military have stepped the number of troops fighting inside Gaza and the war is now “entered a new phase.”

“Overnight we increased the entry of IDF forces into the (Gaza) Strip, and they joined the forces already fighting there,” Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari said in a televised briefing.

“Since early Friday evening, combined combat forces of armor, combat engineers and infantry have been operating on the ground in the northern Gaza Strip,” the Israeli army said.

Around 400,000 Israeli troops are along the Gaza border and there are concerns that there will be a full-on invasion.

“We’ve entered a new phase in the war,” Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said.

“Last night, the ground in Gaza shook. We attacked above the ground and below the ground,” making reference to the vast underground tunnel network.

Israeli fighter jets dropped leaflets over Gaza City warning residents the territory is now a “battlefield.”

The Israeli army said, “Shelters in northern Gaza and Gaza (City) governorate are not safe,” strongly urging residents to “evacuate immediately” to the south of the territory.

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