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Israeli military ‘are preparing for the continuation of war’ which will be on two fronts between Hamas and Hezbollah

by LLB political Reporter
17th Oct 23 8:01 am

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said during the opening session of Parliament’s winter assembly that they are “preparing for the continuation of war.”

The Israeli military are building up troops in northern Israel and near to the Gaza Strip in the south against Hamas and the Lebanese militia group Hezbollah.

The US has warned on Monday that they cannot “rule out that Iran will get directly engaged” and take advantage of Israel’s situation.

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“The state of Israel, of course, cherishes the support of President Biden and the American people,” Netanyahu said.

We are preparing for the continuation of the war in the south and we are also prepared for war in the north.

Netanyahu warned Hezbollah and Iran, which backs the militant group, not to “test us” which comes after the Israeli military warned Hezbollah their “reaction will be deadly” if they continue with their attacks on Israel.

Netanyahu mentioned the 199 Israeli hostages taken to Gaza by Hamas, he said they are “committed to all their families.”

He added, “We are relentless about this effort to bring back our brothers and sisters, men and women, children babies, all those who have been abducted.”

The Israeli’s Defence Minister Yoav Gallant warned that a “long war” awaits them as he met with the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Gallant said, “The price will be high, but we are going to win – for Israel, for the Jewish people, and for the values that both countries believe in.”

Blinken said, “You know our deep commitment to Israel’s right – indeed its obligation – to defend itself and defend its people. In that, you always have the support of the United States.”

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