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The history of casino dress code – where did it come from?

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17th Jan 20 1:17 pm

Unlike online casinos, where you can play from the comfort of your home, land-based casinos require you to adhere to specific dress codes. Land casinos have a specific atmosphere and ambiance. The elegance and class that you experience there is not by coincidence: it is a properly choreographed atmosphere and image, particularly represented by your dress code, that ensure that you and your fellow high-rollers have a good time.

The history of casino dress code

The present-day casino dress code is a long-standing habit that can be traced back to more than a hundred years. You cannot take advantage of the UK casino bonuses or have access to UK casino bonus codes in the brick-and-mortar casinos unless you adhere to the strict rules of dressing set by them.

Back in the 60s, famous public figures, including Sammy Davies Junior and Frank Sinatra, made casino games look slick with a more relaxed setting. However, in recent years, people are provided with more freedom in choosing what to wear. Nonetheless, there are still basic minimum requirements that ought to be met by any casino guest before they can be allowed to access the main floor. You do not want to risk being restricted to the slot machine sections only when there are numerous new casino promotions every other day

Generally, the casino games were associated with the rich class. Therefore, players were supposed to display their riches through their dress code. Patrons were required to dress in suits or smart casual clothes. Over the years, although casinos became open to other social classes with less wealth, they strived to maintain the rules of dressing. Hence, in order to maintain a common casino environment for patrons, irrespective of their social class, a common dress code, which has to be adhered to by each individual, had to be maintained.

The traditional dress code in most casino floors is supposed to maintain a stylish ambiance that is both relaxed and smart for its visitors, and the gambling houses have been increasing their level of formality as the day progresses. Between morning and afternoon, when there aren’t many customers, patrons can wear appropriately casual clothes. However, as the day progresses, in the evening, casinos might restrict their customers to smart casual dress code.

Your dress code is meant to boost your confidence while on the casino floor. Even if you are not a confident player when smartly dressed and in a serene environment, you can always gain the necessary confidence that can help you participate in games against the high rollers.

Popular attires for casinos

Women and men had their unique way of dressing when they visited casinos. These attires have been maintained by some gambling houses to some extent. Today, you will find men rocking white tie or black tie, while women wearing a conservative cocktail dress on the casino floor. Below are some of the popular dress codes that you can come across in most houses.


Black Tie


Although it is still a very formal dressing code, black tie is relatively more casual as compared to white tie. The history of this form of dressing can be traced back to the 19th century. The current term for black tie attire is a tuxedo which is common to be worn in events happening after 6 PM. While men can wear tuxedos, women’s black tie attire includes cocktail dresses, ball-gown or a pantsuit.

Although black ties are not popular casino dress code requirements, you might come across various European casinos, such as the Casino Monte-Carlo, that would want you to have black tie clothing. You might also be required to wear black tie attire when you attend specific VIP events in Atlantic City or Las Vegas.




This is a common dress code, particularly for events happening before noon. However, the nature of dressing does not change even if the event goes down at different times of the day. The primary attires that pass for semiformal for women include:

  • Long dressy skirt with a matching top
  • Cocktail dress
  • Little black dress

Men’s semiformal attire, on the other hand, incorporates the primary clothing that might be considered decent for an evening outing. While a casino might request for a formal dress code, a male patrol might get away with semiformal attires, including:

  • A dull-coloured business suit
  • Conservative Tie
  • Matching Vest
  • A conservative coloured dress shirt

Generally, it is rare for casinos to openly request their visitors to wear semiformal attire. Nonetheless, most casino outlet would let you into the main floor while dressed as stated above.




Most people misunderstand the word casual when it comes to the context of the casino dress code. Casual does not mean any clothing that you can wear while relaxing at home. Although you have the freedom to rock various attires, there are standards that you must adhere to if you are to be allowed into the main floor of the house. Some of the casual attires for women have been recommended below.


  • Khaki or blue jeans
  • A pair of shorts
  • Polo shirts, turtleneck, or a plain t-shirt with no slogans
  • Long skirt



Men can choose from:


  • Khaki pants or blue jeans (not torn)
  • A button-down shirt
  • A pair of loafers or sneakers
  • Bermuda shorts
  • Polo shirts, turtleneck, or plain t-shirt with no slogan.



Generally, most casinos require casual wear. However, it is important to interpret casual wear in the context of the casino dress code. While you are enjoying the freedom of options that comes with casual attires, it is important to consider your state of comfort and that of others while coming up with your preferred outfit. You should, therefore, avoid t-shirts with slogans since you never know who might feel offended by the words engraved. In addition, avoid getting too casual with footwear such as a sandal or flip-flop. It is generally advisable to make prior inquiries with the casino outlet before rocking your casual outfit.

When selecting attire for a casino outing, it is essential to consider your level of comfortability. You do not want to be tensed up on a roulette table. Do not wear something that will leave you feeling too hot or too cold. Avoid attires that are overly revealing, with offensive images or slogans or any clothing that conceal your face. Besides, whenever possible, always go for casual clothing and in the case where there are no specifications, make earlier inquiries before choosing your dress for the night. Some casino sections might require you to meet certain standards before you can be granted access. Always consider dressing up if you are visiting a gambling house after six in the evening!

Final thought

Today’s casino dress codes can be traced back to many years. Back in the 1700s and the 1800s, patrons were restricted to a more formal dress code that required them to wear black ties. In recent years, you can enter into a casino’s main floor in casual clothing. However, it is important to make prior inquiries since each platform has a unique requirement in addition to the standard dress code. More so, to be granted access to other sections of the casino, such as the poker room or the VIP section or bar, you might be required to go for a more formal look.

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