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The future of solar powered electric vehicles

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8th Apr 22 3:31 pm

The transportation industry contributes to almost 90% of environmental pollution through carbon emissions. The possibility of manufacturing and innovating a solar powered electric vehicles will be a huge step towards going green and cutting back on our carbon foot print. However, for this to be achieved , the solar battery technology also needs intensive research to ensure constant clean energy supply.

Though a noble step solar-powered electric vehicles face a lot of challenges in their manufacturing. Tesla, a company focusing on transitioning the world to use sustainable energy has been able to manufacture solar-powered cars using solar panels and batteries.  The difference however for this company that bears the responsibility for the future of solar-powered vehicles is that their car models are consumer appealing and have done it a little bit different by offering the market a product that they would like to have, stylish, sleek and efficient.

Other than the installation of solar battery inside the car, this company has set up free charging stations for up to 30 minutes per car. This has contributed immensely to the increase in the adoption rate of their solar-powered electric vehicle. Having sold almost 1 million units globally in their manufacturing year, their model 3 solar-powered electrical car was estimated to sell 87% more units by end of last year.

Tesla has ensured the future of solar-powered vehicle is stable by producing its own solar battery known as Tesla powerwall which offers high storage capacity and efficient use of solar energy to produce electricity. This solar battery gives owners more control of their energy uses through the Tesla application.

The world cannot be able to take advantage of clean, renewable energy sources efficiently without the application of a solar battery, it is therefore important for businesses looking to manufacture such products to ensure they install systems whether at home or in businesses that will accommodate for solar battery usage by offering recharge stations such as those of Tesla or within the car system, though this may prove to be a difficult undertaking it will help to cater for things such as air conditioning to ensure that they keep maintenance cost at a low level to ensure more consumption in the market.

There are 3 main ways through which the future of solar powered electrical vehicle is guaranteed as highlighted below:

1. Benefits of clean energy

The automotive industry has in recent times invested heavily on solar-powered electric vehicles. This is because of the benefits of using these types of cars and their sustainability factor. Climate change has been on a steady rise which has seen the increase in the destruction of our eco system. If the human population is to save the world from total alienation then we are to adopt sustainable ways through which the environment can be conserved and the eco-system protected. This can only be achieved through the use of solar batteries and the use of solar powered electric vehicles.

This cars produce less carbon emmisions, energy efficient and zero emissions in the future.

2. Reduced  cost and independence

Electric vehicles offer independence. You will no longer have to carry an extra jerican of fuel for backup or look out for the next fuel station as the sun is always available and free to all and the solar battery stores excess energy to be used during the night or when it’s cloudy.

Electric vehicles rreduceour heavy reliance on fossil fuel which has continuously contributed to increasing the carbon footprint emissions and this needs to end in order to secure a sustainable future for humanity. They definitely pave the way for better human existence.

3. Energy accessibility

The convenience of being able to charge your car without having to visit the charging station is simply amazing. You are now able to power your engine using the sun through use of solar panels and solar battery technology. The solar battery has proven to be an efficient solution to replacing non-renewable energy and there are many other technologies such as photovoltaic panels that can be used to supplement it.

Solar powered vehicles are no doubt here to stay and evolve and it is time that you gear up to invest in one so you are not left behind but make an individual contribution towards encouraging clean living and sustainability.

Bottom line

Though this innovation has proved to be costly, its success is imminent and it offers a great future where our environment is free of air pollution and waste and the effects of global warming is drastically reduced. In-depth research on how to harness solar energy efficiently will be the future of sustainable transportation.

Over time the investment will prove to be worth it since prices lower with the increase in economies of scale. Electric vehicles create a good path for sustainability and it is time that you plan and invest in having one and relying on clean renewable energy through solar battery technology.

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