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Sunak hits back at critics of his £529 million net worth claiming he is in touch with voters

15th Jan 24 2:42 pm

The Prime Minister who is married to Akshata Murphy and is estimated net worth of £529 million has rejected the idea that voters see him out of touch with voters and that he “doesn’t get Britain.”

Critics have openly accused Rishi Sunak of not being able to understand the financial pressures that ordinary households face after a long period of high inflation and soaring energy costs.

Last Week Sir Keir Starmer clashed with Sunak during Prime Minister’s Questions and the Labour leader branded the Conservative leader as a “Mr Nobody who doesn’t get Britain.”

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During an interview with GB News, Sunak was asked if he worried his wealth means that he does not understand the worries of ordinary voters.

The Prime Minister said, “I never heard that during the pandemic when I was chancellor.

“When I stood up and announced the furlough scheme, no one said that then.

“Because I think fundamentally people judge you by the content of your character and your actions and that’s how people will judge me.

“My family emigrated to this country without very much. My parents worked really hard to provide a better life for me and my brother and sister. I worked really hard for everything that I’ve got.”

He added, “That’s the type of country I believe in and if people want to use that as a political smear or attack I actually think it speaks volumes about their lack of ambition for our country than it does about me and my background.”

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