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Sunak asked who are ‘his government taking inspiration from, Nigel Farage, or Enoch Powell?’ over immigration plans

by LLB political Reporter
8th Mar 23 1:24 pm

The Home Secretary has claimed that under her proposal for asylum plans small boat crossings will “fall dramatically.”

There are many questions over the proposed IIIegal Migration Bill as to how successful the policy will be in forcibly removing asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Suella Braverman told the BBC, “We will see, based on other countries’ experiences, that, once we’re able to relocate people who’ve come here illegally from the United Kingdom to another safe country, like Rwanda, or back to their own home country, then, actually, the numbers of people making the journey in the first place will fall dramatically.”

She claims that there is a “possibility” that 80,000 people could cross the English Channel this year, but she is unable to say when new detention centres will be built to accommodate the asylum seekers before being removed out of the UK.

Braverman told Sky News, “we are rolling out new detention spaces,” adding, “I’m not going to give precise dates” because “we’ve got logistical challenges that we’re always overcoming.”

She said, “But very, very soon we will be expanding our detention capacity to meet the need.”

On people being forcibly removed, she said, “I can’t give you precise dates, we have lots of processes which are in train.”

During Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) the SNP’s Westminster leader, Stephen Flynn questioned Rishi Sunak over the proposed new laws, asking a woman who has been trafficked to the UK on a small boat by gangs will therefore not be provided any protection.

Sunak said it is “precisely because” the government want to target “our compassion and our resources on the world’s most vulnerable people that we must get a grip of this system.”

The Prime Minister said that this will enable the UK to “help the people most in need.”

Flynn says he will take Sunak’s response as a “yes.”

He added, “What a complete and utter disgrace.

“But whilst it may shock, it shouldn’t necessarily surprise.”

He then asked Sunak, “from whom are his government taking inspiration – Nigel Farage, or Enoch Powell?”

The Prime Minister responded with, “What a load of nonsense.”

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