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Special reason why Amazon boss wore pajamas to board meeting

by Purvai Dua
13th Sep 18 9:29 am

World’s richest and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos did something unique this week when he turned up for a board mmeeting in pajamas, instead of the usual choice of formals. 

The tech billionaire later took to social media to clarify that he was raising awareness for Childhood Cancer Awareness month, which is September.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, the billionaire further wrote: “Why am I wearing pajamas to an Amazon board meeting? September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and each year Amazon partners with @ACCOrgto raise awareness of childhood cancer – second leading cause of death for kids in the U.S. between ages 4 and 14. Today, Amazonians across the globe show their support by wearing their pajamas to work – also known as #PJammin. Another way we’re raising awareness is through our special #GoGold boxes – you may receive one during September. Never have I been more comfortable at an Amazon board meeting!”


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