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Sophie Hobson: We all have a responsibility to secure Britain's future

by LLB Reporter
1st May 13 11:15 am

Our editor on why we are launching our first publication, distiling the insights of London’s business leaders

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When we launched LondonlovesBusiness.com in September 2011, our mission was to celebrate and inspire good business in the capital, to profile London as the best place in the world to do business, and to bring together London’s business community. But more than 18 months on, I have come to realise that business in London is not just about business in London. The capital has a huge responsibility towards the rest of the country. London generates more than a fifth of the UK’s gross value added. London’s economy grew at almost 12.5% between 2007 and 2011, double the pace of the rest of UK. The average Londoner contributes 70% more to Britain’s income than those outside the capital, working out at £16,000 extra per year.

It was the realisation of the crucial role London plays in powering Britain’s economy that has led to the launch of Securing Britain’s Future. This is a critical time for London to stand up and play its part in bolstering our economy and future.

As LondonlovesBusiness.com is the digital newspaper for London’s business community, it of course made sense for us to approach London’s greatest business leaders for their thoughts on how to secure Britain’s future. I am delighted to say a huge thank you to all who have shared their ideas and insights for this publication. They are by turns some of the most experienced, entrepreneurial, established, expert and innovative business leaders in London today.

But this fine coterie of contributors have not been assorted merely as an editorial convenience. Those who have achieved commercial success and prowess in London are by rights some of the absolute most talented and knowledgeable business minds in the world. They are, then, fantastically well-positioned to tackle those economic and development issues most closely linked to the business world.

These are the problems we have chosen to address in Securing Britain’s Future. We are by no means aiming to cover all challenges faced by Britain. We are sticking to what London’s business elite know best.

They know how to attract and train a useful workforce. Most have an innate grasp of how technology can be embraced to improve productivity, make day-to-day living easier and more enjoyable, and to foster innovation. Their synapses are wired to understand how to grow businesses and to use finance resourcefully and tactically. Many have experience in the nuanced challenges and opportunities of exporting and international expansion. They know that expansion requires infrastructure, and so want to tackle Britain’s property and transport problems.

Each of our contributors have mastered at least one of these areas, through first-hand experience. That makes them expertly positioned to advise both the government and other British businesses on each the issues this publication covers.

Our intention is that, through the ideas proposed in Securing Britain’s Future, managers and politicians will listen to the suggestions of these authorities, and gain some insight into how their own policies and processes could be improved.

This is about the public and private sectors coming together to help each other overcome the immense challenges Britain faces today, and working side-by-side to create a brighter future for all who live and work in Britain. If Securing Britain’s Future helps to shape even one policy that makes the British economy stronger, or makes opportunity more equal, or helps just one business create more jobs, then all involved in its production will have succeeded.

I hope you enjoy reading Securing Britain’s Future.

Read Securing Britain’s Future online now

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