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Should Putin be overthrown or assassinated there will be an ‘even more dangerous’ situation with a far ‘scarier’ leader

22nd Nov 22 11:07 am

Over the months there has been growing discontent over Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine and there has been much talk amongst senior Kremlin figures and oligarchs of the Russian leader being overthrown in a coup or even killed.

An expert has warned that Putin would not politically survive if Moscow loses Crimea which would lead to a “military catastrophe.”

Owen Matthews warned that the next Russian leader will be much more “scarier” than Putin.

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The veteran Moscow correspondent told Sky News, “What you don’t want, what is even more current dangerous than the current situation, even more dangerous than Putin, is a revolutionary situation inside Russia where Putin falls.”

Those who could replace the Russian leader are “nationalists who are actually much more aggressive than Putin himself.”

Matthews said that he does not understand why Putin started the war in Ukraine as he “was already winning with his sabre-rattling diplomacy” and he was “getting quite far” with it all.

Last week former Kremlin politicians and anti-Russian activists were in Poland discussing a coup and how they can “physically eliminate Putin.”

The group met in Jablonna near to Poland’s capital, Warsaw saying that the only way to overthrow Vladimir Putin to either kill him, start a revolution and a civil war.

Some people within the group have publicly said that the Russian leader “Should be killed” and lawyer Alexei Baranovsky, said people who have remained loyal to the Russian leader throughout the war should also be killed, Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborca reported.

Former Russian politician Viacheslav Maltsev said during the meeting in Poland, “The main goal is to physically eliminate Putin.”

Maltsev added that once Putin has been assassinated this would then lead to a civil war, however, it will “not be as bloody as the war in Ukraine.”

However some of the group are opposed to form a plan to assassinate Putin, and suggested that instead the Russian leader should be “handed over to international courts” for a trial over war crimes.

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