Home Business News Ellwood warns of ‘concerns Putin is going to go more extreme and find imaginative ways to raise the stakes’ as cruise missiles hit Kyiv

Ellwood warns of ‘concerns Putin is going to go more extreme and find imaginative ways to raise the stakes’ as cruise missiles hit Kyiv

15th Nov 22 3:40 pm

Ukraine has been placed on a nationwide alert after a “barrage of 30 cruise missiles” rained down on Kyiv on Tuesday afternoon.

A series of explosions could be heard across the capital for the first time in as many weeks and Boris Johnson warned that there is only one way to stop Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

Johnson said the “only way forward” to end the war is to “help the Ukrainians expel the Russian invaders from every mile of the territory they have viciously annexed.”

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Chair of the Defence Select Committee Tobias Ellwood warned that Putin is currently “regrouping” ahead of a potentially “more extreme” attack on the country.

Ellwood warned following the humiliating defeat in Kherson Western leaders are worried that Putin will “find imaginative ways to raise the stakes” and told the G20 to work together and “flush Russia out of Ukraine.”

Speaking to Sky News from Odesa, Ukraine, Ellwood warned, “Putin is humiliated and there is huge concern he is going to go more extreme and find imaginative ways to raise the stakes.

“He is currently regrouping on the other side of the Dnipro River and its so important that that message is said to the G20 as the Prime Minister has been underlying – that we don’t give up now, that we don’t sign a deal, that we don’t step back, that we flush Russia out of Ukraine.

“And that’s certainly the strong message that we’re getting here – myself and the Defence Select Committee.”

The British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak took the opportunity to stare the Russian Foreign Secretary Sergie Lavrov at the G20 summit in Bali and blast him and Putin over their “barbaric war.”

Sunak said, “It is notable that Putin didn’t feel able to join us here. Maybe if he had, we could get on with sorting things out.

“Because the single biggest difference that anyone could make is for Russia to get out of Ukraine and end this barbaric war.

“That would be transformative for Ukraine, but for the world.”

Sunak warned on Tuesday the economic problems the world is facing in the wake of Covid is “much worse” as a direct result of the war in Ukraine.

The British Prime Minister added, “The weaponisation of energy and food is totally unacceptable,” he said.

“Two thirds of Ukraine’s grain goes to developing countries, yet Russia has destroyed grain stores and blocked shipments.

“It is harming the most vulnerable people around the world. And this has nothing to do with sanctions.”

Sunak’s spokesman said that the Russian Foreign Secretary was “left in doubt of the strength of feeling” over illegal war of a sovereign nation.

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