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Scotland closes the border making it illegal to enter from rest of UK

20th Nov 20 11:05 am

As of 6pm on Thursday evening Scotland have closed their borders making it illegal for anyone to leave the country, and no one from England, Wales, and both Northern and Southern Ireland can enter.

Anyone caught trying to enter Scotland will be fined £60, and Scots leaving with a reasonable excuse is now also banned.

Scots who live in the tier 3 or 4 lockdown areas are not allowed to leave their area, meaning they are banned from taking a holiday, travelling overseas or visit a second home.

Exemptions to travel include health reasons, work or schooling, and Scots can also leave to feed an animal, donate blood or take a driving test. People who live in tier 0 are exempt.

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard said, “The overwhelming majority of people are just trying to keep up with regulations in order to follow them.

“But the best-case scenario is that this travel ban will confuse them. The worst-case scenario is that it will criminalise them.”

Scottish Conservative MSP Adam Tomkins said, “For one thing, freedom of movement would appear to be expressly reserved to the UK parliament under the Scotland Act.

“For another, it’s not clear that the Scottish parliament can make rules contrary to the common travel area, as agreed to by the UK and Ireland.”

However, the Sottish government disputed this and told the Guardian newspaper that the regulations are “entirely within the remit of the Scottish Parliament.

The spokesperson said, “Restrictions on unnecessary travel are in place in law in various forms in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland and in many parts of Europe.

“In Scotland they are necessary to underpin an approach that puts different parts of the country under different levels of protective measures.”

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