Home Business News Russian soldiers scramble to Russian Georgia border where ’40-50 thousand’ are trying to flee Putin’s draft and are ‘issued call up papers’

Russian soldiers scramble to Russian Georgia border where ’40-50 thousand’ are trying to flee Putin’s draft and are ‘issued call up papers’

27th Sep 22 3:54 pm

Moscow are on the verge of possibly declaring martial law and could be set to close their borders to stop “everyone” of “conscription age” from fleeing Russia’s  first mass mobilisation since World War Two.

Vladimir Putin has ordered the Russian authorities to send in soldiers to the borders and they are issuing call up papers and it will most likely end up with them arresting everyone who is of conscript age and throw them into training camps.

Russian regional officials have gone to the Georgian border where “some 10,000 Russian men” are queuing to evade conscription to enter the country.

However, the former Vice-Speaker of Georgian Parliament and ex Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergi Kapanadze wrote on Twitter, “The situation on the Russian-Georgian border is starting to resemble a humanitarian disaster.

“Probably around 40-50 thousand persons are queued up to cross into Georgia.

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“Men are abandoning cars and leaving wives and children behind just to cross the border before being mobilised.”

Andrew Roth who is the Moscow correspondent for Guardian said, “Russian FSB source confirms it sent BTR and soldiers to Verkhnyy Lars border with Georgia, reports Russian RBC source.

“They say BTR is there to prevent reservists from illegally escaping Russia… but that there are no restrictions on draft-age men.”

The Border Directorate of the Federal Security Service for the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania told RBC on Telegram, “The FSB reported that an armored personnel carrier was moving to the Upper Lars border checkpoint on the border with Georgia in case people standing in line decide to break through the border.

“The armored personnel carrier is moving there, but it is not moving to set up a checkpoint, it is, roughly speaking, a reserve just in case the reservists want to break through the checkpoint and leave the country without completing any border formalities.”

Russian troops have arrived at the Verkhny Lars checkpoint on the border with Georgia and have now set up a military checkpoint to stop Russian men from fleeing.

Russian regional officials told the TASS news agency that all men of military age queuing on the border of Georgia are being handed call-up papers to fight in Ukraine with the assistance of the Russian military.

Officials have said that they are planning to set up a military recruitment office on the border with Georgia.

Since the war started in February more than 50,000 have fled and since Putin announced the partial mobilisation last Wednesday “some 10,000 per day” are fleeing Russia.

Georgia’s Interior Minister Vakhtang Gomelauri said, “Four to five days ago, 5,000-6,000 (Russians) were arriving in Georgia daily.

“The number has (now) grown to some 10,000 per day.”

Since Last Wednesday more than 115,000 Russians have fled to Georgia since the mobilisation order.

Sergei Tsekov, who represents Crime in Russia’s upper house of parliament, said, “Everyone who is of conscription age should be banned from travelling abroad in the current situation.”

Ella Pamfilova, the head of Russia’s election commission, blasted those who are making efforts to leave Russia as “rats.”

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