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Germany and US to provide Ukraine with ‘winter package’ of ‘air defense systems and anti-aircraft guns’

by LLB political Reporter
11th Oct 23 1:41 pm

Berlin has announced on Wednesday that they are preparing a “winter package” worth €1 billion to protect “critical infrastructure.”

Germany will provide “air defense systems” including the “Gepard self-propelled anti-propelled anti-aircraft guns.”

The German Ministry of Defense said the new “winter package” of assistance for Ukraine will also include additional Patriot and IRIS-T air defense systems.

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The German MoD said, “Germany is preparing a second winter package for Ukraine: to protect critical infrastructure and assure further support, Germany is providing additional air defense with Patriot, IRIS-T SLM and SLS worth about EUR 1 billion, as well as three Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns.”

The Ministry of Defense also announced that in the next few weeks Ukraine will be provided with another ten Leopard1 A5 main battle tanks, some 15 protected transport vehicles and almost 20 protected medical vehicles.

“Germany will continue to support Ukraine with what it needs most – air defense, ammunition and tanks,” German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said.

The US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III has said the Biden administration will transfer a new package of security assistance to Ukraine worth $200 million.

Austin said, opening the 16th meeting of Ukraine Defense Contact Group (Ramstein format) in Brussels on Wednesday, “I am proud that the United States will announce its latest security assistance package for Ukraine, valued at $200 million.

“It includes AIM-9 munitions for a new air-defense system that we will soon deliver to Ukraine, as well as artillery and rocket ammunition, precision aerial munitions, anti-tank weapons, and equipment to counter Russian drones.”

Austin said, the total volume of announced assistance from the United States since the beginning of “Putin’s war” on 24 February 20022 is valued at around $43.9 billion.

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