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Research: Divorced parents are more likely to get a profitable job

by John Saunders
10th May 19 10:15 am

Divorce is considered the most stressful event and affects the psyche even more than the imprisonment or death of a loved one.

Besides, at the same time, divorce becomes a good shake-up and career incentive for many people.

The latest research that has been conducted by the service OnlineDivorce.com has shown that precisely divorced parents tend to obtain a more well-paid job. The power to earn more is so huge that they are really doing their best to feed a child or children and be a pretty good example of the person who wants to achieve something. The conducted research also stipulated that the more children-the better salary

Every marriage requires a considerable amount of time not only to maintain life but also to preserve family relationships. As soon as spouses disperse, they lose a significant part of leisure and duties. This time can be wisely spent on a career.

It is often the case that an unstable financial situation prevents a couple from a divorce. Living together is always more cost-effective than separately. But do not be afraid to break up. This is a great reason to start developing your career if you have not done so in advance. Family matters often hurt work, and after a divorce, you can completely surrender to a job at least for a while and make a significant breakthrough.

51% of American people, plunged headlong into work to relieve stress after a divorce. And 53% admitted that the break in relations pushed them towards functional career changes. For example, they decided to change their approach to work, to go to study or decide on something for what they had not enough time and courage.

It’s like in boxing. When people get tired, they lose their concentration, and then their coach gently, but offensively hits their head. It is very sobering. People often become more successful because of anger and resentment.

There is no direct relationship, but people begin to react faster and to take higher risks. People win not because they are the strongest, but because their rivals look in their eyes and understand that they have nothing to lose and they are ready to go to the end. It is always advisable for divorced people to start doing sport and business.

There are many stories in the USA when divorce became the trigger for starting a business. Adrienne Kronovet, the founder of a fashion house that sells designer clothes, would never have become an entrepreneur if she continued to live in a successful marriage. At 25, Adrienne unexpectedly remained without moral and financial support with two children: the eldest was not even two years old, and the youngest was two months old. Adrienne says, “I did not have time for reflection. I had to feed the children. When I was married, I painted silk, but my income was unstable.”

After the divorce, she started working 15 hours a day. “I was engaged in my work, and I can’t say it was hard. My works were popular: everything that I painted was sold immediately.” At first, these were sales at the opening day and orders from private clients, then participation in exhibitions and a year later contracts with companies began to appear. Adrienne has created her brand of clothing, which is distinguished by voluminous hand-painted fabric. During the year she reached a stable financial level, defended three patents, and now her fashion house is a successful small business.

There are a retail store and 107 more stores where she supplies clothing. And this happened because of divorce.

Divorce often unties hands. It can be a massive plus for a career. A person agrees to risky offers more efficiently, and he has more chances for success.

However, divorce may influence a person in two different directions. For example, a woman can argue with her husband that her voice is not suitable for radio and her appearance is bad for TV.

As a result, she will not become a radio or TV presenter. But after a divorce, she will have more chances to give comments on the radio and become a star on TV. This happens because people want to prove everyone in the world that they are the best.

It is essential for employers to respond correctly to the divorce of their employees. It is difficult to predict what will happen with a person after a divorce. He may start working or drinking hard. Moreover, male neurotics are much more likely to drink than those who are closer to schizoid and narcissus personality.

A person is often saved by spending more time on work and career struggle, and this motivation benefits employers.

However, the stress of divorce in combination with professional stress can lead to emotional exhaustion and burnout. It is essential to have some time for yourself, your emotions, hobbies, and social communication. And this, in turn, will bring dividends to your career.

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