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Poll reveals Boris Johnson will win election by a landslide

by LLB Politics Reporter
12th Jun 19 12:30 pm

The frontrunner for the Tory leadership Boris Johnson would win a general election for the Conservative Party, by a landslide according to a poll.

In a poll conducted by ComRes for the Daily Telegraph showed the party led by Johnson would be on 37%, compared with Labour on 22%, the Liberal Democrats on 20% and the Brexit Party on 14%.

The data was fed into the Electoral Calculus website and came up with seat predictions and suggested the Tories would win 395 seats out of 651, whilst Labour would win just 151.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party would be nullified with a majority of 140 seats.

Next to Johnson Dominic Raab is the next most popular figure polling at 268 seats to Labour’s 237 and Farage’s party on 24, leaving the Conservatives with 57 seats short.

The BBC’s former political editor Nick Robinson tweeted, “This poll matters. Not because a survey about a hypothetical contest can ever predict the future. It can’t.

“However, it is likely to have quite an impact on the psyches of Tory MPs & members who are desperate for an answer to Farage & Corbyn.”

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