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Farage is right the election is lost, but what’s up for grabs is who becomes the voice of opposition’ in the UK’

6th Jun 24 2:36 pm

The Lady may not have been for turning, but forty odd years on Margaret Thatcher’s disciple, Nigel Farage, has pulled a 180 degree maneuver to take over leadership of Reform UK, the party many consider the successor to the Conservatives.

In an otherwise very boring election, not only is Nigel Farage promising to ‘Reform’ the U.K. and its political system, but he’s doing something we haven’t seen for decades in Westminster… he’s telling the truth!!

Announcing his takeover of the leadership of Reform UK the former UKIP leader openly admitted that he wasn’t planning on winning power at the General Election on July 4.

In his speech at Glaziers Hall where he announced his elevation to the top position, and a job swap with former leader Richard Tice, who will become Reform chairman, Nigel told journalists ‘Labour have already won!’

He said: ‘The election is over. Labour has won. This is about who becomes the voice of opposition!’

He also predicted that Reform UK would outstrip the Tories at the ballot box.

He said: ‘I genuinely believe we will get more votes than the Conservative Party and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of people!’

I think it’s a shame that things have been allowed to get so bad, but at least today Nigel and Reform UK have given the business community some hope that after a single-term Labour administration there will be a credible business-focussed administration come the next election.

I don’t think it’s too controversial to say that the political elites have become far too specialised, and unfortunately that specialisation has turned into career politicians who excel in the science of getting elected. The paradox here is that ordinary people are fed up with having politicians’ woke soundbites shoved down their throats, and this attitude has turned millions off of all the major parties.

With Nigel Farage and Reform UK what you get is essentially grassroot policies that come from what people need, not what professional politicians think will go down well with voters.

Reform UK may not be in government on July 5, but they will win seats, and they are to be ignored at everyone else’s peril. I think Labour will walk this election, but their anti-business policies will be a car-crash for the UK, and ultimately their downfall.

Labour may be a government in waiting, but Reform will be His Majesty’s new opposition, with ideas that appeal to real people.

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