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Overcoming the homeschooling challenge with online tutoring

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13th May 20 12:49 pm

Schools and universities everywhere are determined to make home-schooling a very efficient way to keep education on the go on these times of hardship. It’s a fact now that we were forced to live in a time where we literally have to find any resources around us to make the best out of this experience. With the growing popularity of online tutoring platforms, online courses, and sources to find online books this can be a major turn-table for schools and universities. But how can these institutes benefit from these platforms? Let’s begin talking about three benefits of using these online tools.

Efficiency is gold

To start off, one of the greatest advantages of these platforms is that it is a major time-saver. Specially as the government has issued a forced quarantine, parents will most likely not take the chances of having their kids leave home or getting exposed to contact someone with symptoms of the Coronavirus. But let’s take a small step back, before the quarantine, if parents were to take their children to the tutor´s home, tutoring center or having to wait for their tutors to arrive and leave on time. Online tutoring platforms enable direct contact with a tutor wherever the student is located and the only requirements are having a stable connection and a computer with very minimal components just to ensure the proper communication.

A solution for a common problem

Whether in reference to a primary school, high school, or college students, a majority of these agree that homework is the most demanding chore. However, the majority seems to be oblivious to giving enough attention and therefore are doomed to put off the work until the last minute obtaining poor results, which ultimately may lead to negative behaviors such as procrastination and class repetition. For instance, platforms like Studypool give students the opportunity to tackle both the time challenge and the chore difficulty. This platform covers a wide range of subjects and it also provides high-quality tutors available 24/7 from all around the world where students can log in at any time, post their questions, and after finding the right help, they could also agree to a 1-on-1 video tutoring session which can be on point with the students demands.

Significant reduction from distractions

These online tools have the benefit of making schooling, homework, and studying feel more engaging and perhaps as enjoyable as playing a game. Not only thinking about the major benefits of cutting time with chores, and guaranteeing that homework will be properly done, but it can give the opportunity to think about having more time for other recreational activities. Perhaps, since some of these platforms have benefits of offering small courses like Chegg then this could also be a way for students to find on online tutoring platforms engaging extracurricular activities like besides just getting the proper help.

Whether you are a formal institution or a teacher and decide to embark yourself on the journey of giving a go to these online platforms then we invite you to check the following benefits as well.

Building a trustworthy network

By inviting students to try these online tutoring platforms, then students might be thrilled to find out that help that students from all over the country as well as the world have been tutored by their very own teachers. Schools and universities could also take advantage of these platforms as a way to contact high quality teachers from a much more reliable source. Also, they could help promote these platforms as a way to make sure that student’s goals are being met as well as providing teachers with a more adequate platform to provide tutoring when it is needed.

Build a substantial source of income

Taking back the benefits of online tutoring platforms, teachers could dedicate their free time to answer quick questions or questions that they think they could answer in a reasonable amount of time while scoring some extra income. For instance, Studypool offers a fast and reliable question section where students post questions on specific subjects that they are struggling with and they can select the right tutor to help them answer the questions on a given time-frame. Chegg offers a wide variety of flashcards which teachers could contribute as part of their benefits of belonging in their network. Other platforms like Tutorme stick only to the 1 on 1 tutoring, but all these platforms offer very competitive incomes and salaries that teachers should strongly consider revising.

Maintain a sustainable pace

The last but not least benefit of these online platforms for teachers is keeping their own regular schedule. As these platforms offer a very attractive and competitive income, they also offer the possibility of setting their own working schedule whether teachers take the advantage to only answer questions or provide a 1 to 1 tutoring session. There is no demand for teachers to set up or to hold accountable on a specific time of the day, most of the online tutoring platforms out there are available 24 / 7 online, which means teachers can define their own availability and in a way to not interfere with their everyday activities. Even so, they could offer their services only on weekends where they have more time to dedicate on more-than-an-hour tutoring sessions.

In conclusion, we have talked about the many benefits of online tutoring platforms, these tools were once meant to potentialize and facilitate tutoring experiences, now we have invited not only students but professionals and institutions out there to implement them on a regular basis. Perhaps online tutoring has been the solution everyone has looked for modernizing schooling as we know it. Not only can it be a very helpful tool, but also could be a game changer for another world-wide crisis that we might (hopefully not) face in the future.

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