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New inquiry into the advertising industry launched

8th Sep 17 1:01 pm

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The House of Lords Communications Committee today invites contributions to its new inquiry into the future of UK advertising industry. The Committee will begin this work with an evidence session on Tuesday 12th September when it will question the CEO of the Advertising Association.

The inquiry will investigate how policies and practices might help the industry to maintain its world-leading position and also consider how the UK can maintain access to the skills and talent that it needs in a changing environment.

The Committee seeks evidence on the following topics:

  • The skillsets and development of skills needed to sustain the industry
  • The UK’s access to international talent
  • Whether creative and business clusters contribute to the industry’s success and if so, whether there is a role for the Government in supporting this
  • How the industry can adapt in the face of increasing digital advertising

The deadline for submissions of written evidence is Friday 20 October. 

In its first evidence session this Tuesday, the Committee will question Stephen Woodford, CEO of the Advertising Association. The organisation aims to promote the role, rights and responsibilities of advertising and its impact on individuals, the economy and society.

The Committee will explore issues including how education and immigration policy can better support the advertising industry and how the industry can adapt to the rise of digital advertising.

Speaking on the launch of the inquiry, Committee Chairman Lord Henley said:

“Advertising in the UK is a major contributor to economic growth and its services are now amongst the UK’s biggest exports.  According to one industry body, the industry generates a total of £120 billion in economic activity in the UK and supports 1,000,000 jobs.

“However, the industry also faces major changes as advertisers switch from the traditional media of television, radio and print to digital—which now generates more advertising revenue in the UK than all other media.

“With such a significant contribution to the UK’s economy, the Committee will examine how this industry can evolve and adapt to a changing market, and what role there is, if any, for the Government to help. The Committee will also explore ways the advertising industry can maintain access to a global talent pool and nurture the skills of those already in the UK.”

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