Home Business News More than 33,000 have died in Turkey and Syria and over £60 million has been raised in the earthquake appeal

More than 33,000 have died in Turkey and Syria and over £60 million has been raised in the earthquake appeal

by LLB staff reporter
12th Feb 23 2:53 pm

The total number dead in both Turkey and Syria continues to rise and has now reached more than 33,000 since the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit on 6 February.

In Turkey officials have confirmed that 29,605 have perished and 3,553 have been killed in Syria, bringing the total death toll to 33,158 in six days.

There is now 68 countries who have rescue teams on the ground and a total of 99 are offering assistance to Turkey.

Last week the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) started their earthquake appeal for Turkey and Syria and so fa more than £60m  million has been raised to help.

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Chief executive of the DEC, Saleh Saeed, told Sky News the amount which has been raised is “amazing” which shows “the generosity of the public up and down the land.”

Saeed said “there was still hope” and that some people would be pulled out of the rubble and his team was “providing critical medical supplies”.

He was then asked how long the £60 million will last, he said, “We will prioritise over the next six months during the emergency phase. That means ensuring that people can survive.

“Survive the winter and have the basics of food, clean water somewhere to live and medical assistance. And then beyond that, possibly for at least another two years, we will try to help people get back on their feet.

“We won’t know how long we will be in Turkey but members have been working inside Syria for ten years because of the conflict there. So the needs are immense.

“And this is why we hope that people can continue to give and support the earthquake appeal.”

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