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Missile strikes leave many dead with debris found in Moldova and Kyiv warns the Kremlin are preparing for a ‘long-term war’

by LLB political Reporter
14th Jan 23 4:24 pm

Ukraine has come under a missile strike which hit critical infrastructure in Kyiv and Kharjiv and has left many wounded and at least five killed.

Air raid sirens were heard across most of Ukraine and five were killed in Dnipro leaving at least 27 wounded.

Regional governor, Valentyn Reznichenko, said that six children were among the injured and all of them were in hospital in the city of Dnipro.

The Ukrainian presidential office said that 15 were rescued from rubble after an apartment block was hit.

Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy head of the Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s office, said in a statement, “They (Russians) are just inhuman.

“At least one stairwell is gone. Under the rubble there are people who were at home for the holiday.”

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Moldova’s Inetrior Ministry said that they have found missile debris in the north of their country after the missile strikes on Ukraine.

The Ministry said, “Following Russia’s massive bombardment of Ukraine, a border police patrol discovered the remains of a missile, originating from Russia’s air attacks on Ukraine.”

Southern Mykolaiv region, governor Vitali Kim said that their air defences were activated on Saturday afternoon and it thought that some Russian missiles were intercepted.

It is thought that the Black Sea fleet had fired cruise missiles after an armada left Sevastopol on Friday.

An armada of warships loaded with troops and submarines carrying cruise missiles were mobilised in the Black Sea.

A Russian expert has said that at least six warships, two assault vessels full of soldiers make up the armada which are combat ready could signal a fresh attack on Ukraine and they could try to form a land bridge in the breakaway state of Transdnistria which borders Moldova.

Moscow’s largest amphibious assault ship, the Pyotr Morgunov landing vessel is also part of the armada which could suggest a land assault.

Ukraine’s Defence Ministry said on Saturday that Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin are preparing for a “long-term war.”

Ukrainian intellgence said that Russia are strengthening their armed forces and strengthening their troops.

Ukraine’s Defence Ministry said in a statement, “Putin’s measures to reorganise the economy and military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation testify to the preparation of Russia’s transition to martial law.

“They are aimed at strengthening the potential of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and creating conditions for conducting operations that were planned at the very beginning of the war, but were unsuccessfully implemented by the Russian occupying forces.”

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