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Ukraine warns ‘this is a difficult phase of the war’ as Russia claims victory over Soledar after months of intense fighting

13th Jan 23 12:05 pm

The Ukrainian salt mine town of Soledar has seen many months of intense fighting which has seen thousands on both sides been brutally killed.

The Russian Defence Ministry has now claimed victory over Soledar as they are claiming they now have control of the town which is near to the larger city of Bakhmut.

Kyiv has said that their forces remain in a “high intensity of the offensive” as overnight “battles continued.”

Ukraine’s Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Malyar said on Telegram that Russia continues a “high intensity of offensive” in Soledar.

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Maylar said that it is a difficult time for Ukraine as the war continues to rage with Russia, but there is “no doubt” Ukraine will come out on top.

She said, “The night in Soledar was hot, battles continued.

“The enemy threw almost all the main forces in the direction of Donetsk and maintains a high intensity of offensive.

“Our fighters are bravely trying to maintain the defence.

“This is a difficult phase of the war, but we will win. There is no doubt.”

Wagner boss Yevgenny Prigozhin mercenaries are now “likely in control” of the salt mining town of Soledar which has 125 miles of underground tunnels.

Prigozhin has hinted that he could turn the tunnels into a huge makeshift base for thousands of his troops and Vladimir Putin’s forces.

Russian drone footage shows Ukrainian troops withdrawing from their positions in the town as Moscow’s troops are closing in and encircling the town of Soledar.

Soledar is approximately seven miles from Bakhmut which provides protection to the south-west and Ukrainian positions have endured horrific casualties.

Bakhmut has been described as the “Bakhmut meatgrinder” and should Russian forces take control this could open up the Ukrainian line of defence to the Russians.

Malyar, said on Tuesday, Russia are throwing “a large number of storm groups” into the battlefield in the Donetsk region.

She added, “The enemy is advancing literally on the bodies of their own soldiers and is massively using artillery, rocket launchers and mortars, hitting their own troops.”

Malyar continued, “The enemy literally step over the corpses of their own soldiers, using massed artillery, MLRS systems and mortars.”

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