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MEP demands euro abolished over ‘inefficiencies of the EU’

by LLB Politics Reporter
18th Jun 20 9:51 am

Finnish MEP Laura Huhtasaari has said in the EU Parliament on Wednesday that the euro should be abolished during a Brexit debate.

She furiously condemned Brussels and demands “I want my money back” as she said the euro should be “dismantled.”

Huhtasaari MEP said, “I would like to congratulate Great Britain they just saved around €80bn.

“Soon no one in Britain will even dare to admit voting against Brexit.

“The European Commission proposal for a recovery fund is another step towards a centralised debt union.

“This proposal is illegal according to article 125. The Commission also wants the EU’s own sources of taxation passed in the member states.

“In the EU a large part of its economic problems would be reduced if the monetary union of the euro was dismantled.

“According to a study, Finnish exports would be 40% higher in their own currency. I want my money back!”

Her Italian counterpart MEP Marco Zanni also launched a furious attack on Brussels and accused the Union over their failing coronavirus recovery package.

Zanni told the EU Parliament, “We were told this week there would be a European Council meeting of which we already knew the conclusion.

“No agreement on the so-called recovery plan and probably a clash between member states.

“Well, this demonstrates the inefficiencies of the European institutions in providing a response to the crisis. The Commission made a proposal which was in itself highly inefficient.”

The MEP added, “Three-quarters of the money only coming in 2023. Three years after the crisis broke.

“When businesses and workers had already lost their jobs.

“This is why the decision-making process in the EU is not fit for purpose.”

The Italian government have been at loggerheads with Brussels for many months, as the Italian Foreign Minister warned in June, that the EU is on the brink of “collapse” if the bloc does not sort the coronavirus pandemic together.

Brussel’s handling over the pandemic across the EU has been constantly criticised the last few months, which has sparked fury with Italy as they claim they have received little help.

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