Home Business News In a ‘crisis situation’ EU warns they will cut weapons supply to UK if there is ‘war on our border’

In a ‘crisis situation’ EU warns they will cut weapons supply to UK if there is ‘war on our border’

6th Mar 24 11:49 am

The EU commissioner has warned the UK they will cut weapons supplies if Vladimir Putin resorts to a “high intensity war” on their borders.

The EU’s industry commissioner Thierry Bretton made the threats to Britain as part of a new scheme in preparation for war with Russia.

In the event of war the European Defence Investment Programme would be enacted if there was a “crisis situation.”

Bretton said that the bloc will look after their own in a “crisis situation” as the EU will limit the weapons they will purchase from the UK in order to receive funds from their budget.

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Breton said, “To counter the return of high-intensity war on our border, we have decided to kick up a gear.”

The Telegraph reported that the EU are looking to strengthen their own weapons production so they can be less reliant on the US as it is highly likely Donald Trump will become the next American President.

The British Shadow Defence Secretary John Healey also said that Europe and the UK cannot rely on the US in the event of war.

The EU’s leading diplomat Joseph Borrell has said that the bloc exports around 40% of the weapons and ammunition they produce.

He said, “We have a powerful industry of defence because we export a lot.

“Certainly when there is a big push on demand, which might happen with a war, we have to ask for extra input.”

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