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London startup turns low battery into new trees

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1st Oct 19 4:09 pm

ChargeBolt operates a network of power bank stations throughout the UK. The service allows customers to charge their phones on the go by renting a power bank at one station and dropping it off at any other location within their network, just like the famed ‘Boris’ bikes of London. This initiative is aimed at utilising the breadth of the network for the better and having a positive impact on the environment.

ChargeBolt has launched its ‘Charge2Plant’ sustainability initiative that sees the company contribute to the planting of trees in the Eastern Region in Ghana.

This new initiative sees ChargeBolt donate a portion of profit from each individual power bank rental towards the planting of trees in Ghana. Ghana has one of the highest deforestation rates in Africa, losing over a third of its trees in the last 20 years. With an increasing body of research suggesting that planting trees is one of the best solutions to combat the current climate crisis, ChargeBolt has recognised that tree planting will have a large impact on both the local and global community.

The recent fires affecting the Amazon rainforest have also sparked an uprise of eco-awareness, calling for mass change at governmental level. Millions of concerned citizens have attended protests worldwide to force the Brazilian government take action. So far, the message has been clear – people want change. However, people are also realising their actions as an individual can only have so much impact. This is where eco-conscious businesses like ChargeBolt can help to magnify the message through their client and business network.

Protecting the environment has become much more prevalent for young adults, particularly with the increased media coverage surrounding the environmental issues that are affecting this and future generations. According to the United Nations, the plastic crisis has affected over 800 species worldwide which has sparked a global campaign forcing companies to take action.

The solutions offered by businesses have been vast. From biodegradable carrier bags to bottles made from algae, there has been a drive to reduce plastic waste amidst corporations worldwide. With the overwhelming pressure consumers are putting on corporations to change their ways, ChargeBolt have taken steps early on in their venture to ensure they’re able to offset some of their carbon emissions and help restore Ghana’s forests to their former glory.

Not only are ChargeBolt able to spread this message through their own marketing, the company also wants to make an impact with donations to help replenish the Earth’s natural resources. The planting of new trees helps create cleaner air and provide habitats for thousands of species affected by deforestation and commercial development. So, every time their client’s phone is running low on battery, ChargeBolt are able to bring life to both their phone and a new tree.

The London based organisation was founded by entrepreneurs, Josh Baah and Hann Zhao Liu. They joined together in 2018 to start their second business, both with a background in International Development.

ChargeBolt’s co-founder Josh Baah said: “This is a huge step for ChargeBolt and the positive impact that we want to have on our planet. Together, we believe that Charge2Plant provides a great platform for us to begin to offset our carbon footprint and enable each user to contribute towards a collective good.”

For further information on ChargeBolt, their partners, or if you know of a business or venue that could benefit from their free charging stations, please visit the website at www.chargebolt.co.uk or contact Nik Hudson on [email protected] or 0333 772 0189.

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