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Putin went ‘mad with hatred for Navalny’ and had him killed as he was due to be released from prison

26th Feb 24 4:10 pm

Vladimir Putin went “mad with hatred” for Alexei Navalny and had him killed at Polar Wolf penal colony near the Arctic Circle as he was close to being freed.

The former chairman  of Chelease Football Club Roman Abramovich was close to brokering a deal to have Navalny released from prison amid a prisoner exchange.

The prisoner exchange would have seen Vadim Krasikov who was jailed for the 2021 assassination a Chechen dissident.

Maria Pevchikh said that Putin had Navalny killed by his “thugs” and she outlined her theory in a video which is now on YouTube.

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Since 2023 Pevchikh has been the chairwoman of the board of directors of the Anti-Corruption Foundation.

Pevchikh who lives in Lithuania and is Russian journalist spoke of the efforts to have Navalny freed.

She said, “We tried in the most desperate and insane ways, through acquaintances of politicians, through the wealthiest people on this planet who influence these politicians.”

She said that she was helped by unnamed individuals, some had “risked their careers, and some literally risked their lives conducting unofficial negotiations with Putin’s thugs.”

Pevchikh added, “We really tried everything. We’ve come a long way and by the Spring of last year our plan was approved.

“Everything could have happened then, a year ago but it didn’t.”

She said that it was “an endless game of broken telephone.”

She said, “For two years one official hesitated to write to another, someone misunderstood something, forgot to mention it and didn’t consider it urgent.

“But despite everything, everyone was eventually persuaded.”

During the Tucker Carlson interview the Russian leader said that he would swap Krasikov for Navalny.

She added, “He could have got him if he had given up Navalny.

“After Alexei’s murder, I was told that Roman Abramovich was the one who delivered the proposal to swap Navalny to Putin.

“I did ask Roman Abramovich through mutual acquaintances how, when and under what circumstances he did this, and what Putin said

“Unfortunately he did not answer these questions, but he didn’t deny them either.”

Pevchikh said that she believes Putin had Navalny killed due to the West agreeing to release the Russian criminal.

So, because the West was going to do this, Putin decided “get rid of the bargaining chip, and offer another when the time comes.”

The London educated Russian journalist added, “It’s absolutely illogical, absolutely irrational, it’s the behaviour of a mad mafioso.

“But the point is Putin has gone mad with hatred for Navalny.

“Putin hates him so much that he acts to his own detriment and against his own rational interests.”

Putin’s hatred of Navalny runs so deep that mourners who were arrested for mourning Navalny’s death have been told to “report to military” on release.

Those who were arrested for mourning Navalny in St. Petersburgh were told to report to the recruiting office at Moskovsky 95, where they are to be forced to sign summonses at the Military Commissariat, reported RUSNews.

The independent media outlet reported quoting a man who was given military papers after his release, “Two hours before release, we were taken into a room where some men were sitting and handing out summonses.

“They said if we don’t sign, our fingers will be broken. They repeated all the time: ‘Well, will you go to fight for us?’”

Another man who was being held under administrative arrest was provided with a summons to register with the military.

The rest of the men were also provided with the document forcing them to enlist to “clarify their registration data” at the recruiting office.

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