Home Business News Kremlin has created ‘extensive and sophisticated networks’ of ‘Kamikaze torpedo’ spies in UK ‘to participate in sabotage’

Kremlin has created ‘extensive and sophisticated networks’ of ‘Kamikaze torpedo’ spies in UK ‘to participate in sabotage’

12th Feb 23 1:53 pm

Kremlin spy network will “intensify undercover work” with “secret informants” across the UK as Russian intelligence agencies are stepping up the recruitment of “sophisticated networks.”

A Russian intelligence source has revealed that Vladimir Putin has personally ordered his intelligence agencies to accelerate their recruitment of “kamikaze” spies in the UK who operate in “all walks of life.”

An intelligence source has warned that Russian spies who will report to case handlers funneling juice back to the Kremlin will comprise of moles who will come from every part of normal life.

The source added, “No one should think they are immune.

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“I’m talking about students, trade unions, protest groups, teachers, Uber drivers as well as politicians, the civil service and the police,” the Mirror reported.

The Kremlin’s SVR network which is their version of the UK’s MI6 claims to already have hundreds of spies already operating in Britain who are already reporting information up the food chain.

The Sun Online reported that they have seen emails from a source with close links to the Kremlin that in the UK they will now “intensify undercover work with secret informants.”

The reported, “Another direction – to intensify undercover work with secret informants in all spheres of society in Britain, mainly among civil servants and politicians of all ranks – including those who sit in Parliament and members of the Lords.

“The emphasis is on finding scumbags ready to commit self-sacrifice under any pretext. We need ‘kamikaze-torpedoes’ who would agree to participate in sabotage.

“Particular attention must be paid to activists from international student youth movements, trade unions, and leaders of various religious communities.”

The source further claims that Russian agents could be found “by increasing surveillance of diplomatic personnel from the Russian embassy and consulates.”

In November we reported that a former MI6 spy warned that Putin has a netwprk of sleeper agents who are already in the UK, and “they could assasinate someone, if they needed to.”

Julian Edwards  who is a former MI6 agent warned that Russia is very effective when it comes to spying in the UK.

Edwards said that the British security agencies “don’t know” how many Russian spies are operating in the UK.

Professor Julian Richards, who spent nearly 20 years working for British intelligence and security told the Sun Online, “Either they’re very, very good at it, in which case there could be a lot of them out there that we just don’t know about.

“Theoretically they could assassinate someone, if they needed to. This is where the Skripal case is interesting and the Litvinenko case before it. It was the GRU – military intelligence – that was exposed as being involved.”

Russian spies operating in the UK are known as “illegals” who have lived in Britain for many years and work in industries such as defence and aviation.

Prof Richards said, “We know that the UK has always been a particular target for the Russians.

“They know that we’re potentially a very useful connection into the American intelligence system.”

“That was the logic of the Cambridge spies.

“That worked beautifully well because weren’t only an important intelligence player ourselves but we were also a very, very close intelligence ally, and that’s the potential – a sort of ‘back door’ into American intelligence.”

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