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Putin warns it will be on ‘London’s conscience’ if they send jets to Ukraine as the ‘ramifications’ will hit the ‘entire globe’

9th Feb 23 11:06 am

Putin sends a chilling warning it will be on ‘London’s conscience’ if they send jets to Ukraine as the ‘ramifications’ will hit the ‘entire globe’

Vladimir Putin has issued a chilling threat to the UK as the British Defence Secretary is “actively” looking at what fighter jets he can send to Ukraine.

Putin has warned that what will happen when the UK send the cutting edge fighter jets that this will be “on London’s conscience,” as the repercussions will be felt across the “entire globe.”

In a statement the Russian embassy in London warned, that there will be “bloodshed, next round of escalation, and subsequent military and political ramifications for the European continent and the entire globe.”

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On Wednesday the British Prime Minister said that he has tasked the Defence Secretary Ben Wallace to “actively” look at what fighter jets can be sent to Ukraine to fight against Russia.

This comes after the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky arrived in the UK on Wednesday for a surprise visit which was kept Top Secret.

Zelensky has asked the UK for fighter jets and the Prime Minister said earlier today that there are plans to train Ukrainian fighter pilots so they can learn to fly sophisticated NATO standard jets.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said, “The Prime Minister has tasked the Defence Secretary with investigating what jets we might be able to give but to be clear, this is a long-term solution, rather than a short-term capability, which is what Ukraine needs most now.”

He added, “I think you can see from the steps that we are taking that we are willing to put Ukraine in the position where, once we have reached the goals of training pilots, they are able to fly these type of jets.

“What we have not made a decision on is whether we send UK fighter jets. Obviously there is an ongoing discussion among other countries about their own fighter jets, some of which are more akin to what Ukrainian pilots are used to.”

Rishi Sunak’s spokesman continued, “We’ve confirmed there will be a training programme for Ukrainian pilots and the Defence Secretary is actively looking at whether we send jets.”

The announcement signals a major shift for Downing Street and government official said that “as part of that long-term capability investment.”

They added that the UK will work with Ukraine and international allies “to co-ordinate collective support to meet Ukraine’s defensive needs.”

Boris Johnson has told MPs that the UK should provide more equipment to Ukraine and this should include fighter jets and vast amounts of ammunition for them.

The former Prime Minister said, “We have more than 100 Typhoon jets. We have more than 100 Challenger 2 tanks.

“The best single use for any of these items is to deploy them now for the protection of the Ukrainians – not least because that is how we guarantee our own long-term security.”

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