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Europe warned that NATO ‘will have to fight for real’ against Russia and ‘the sooner they realise it the better’ as European leaders to send fighter jets

9th Feb 23 4:29 pm

NATO and Western Europe have been warned that “sooner or later” they will have no choice but “to fight for real” against Russia as Kyiv has confirmed on Thursday afternoon that “fighter jets for Ukraine has been resolved.”

Exiled opposition figure Mikhail Khodorkovsky who is a strong critic of Vladimir Putin has warned that the West and NATO will be dragged into World War Three with Russia, which will be the only way to stop the Russian leader.

Moscow and the Kremlin have both sent chilling warnings to London and the West over sending fight jets to Ukraine.

A “number of European leaders” have expressed their “readiness” to provide further support which does include fighter jets.

Khodorkovsky said, “The NATO countries and the Western Europe will have to fight for real.

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“Sooner or later, they will have to…fight. The sooner they realise it, the better because Putin can’t stop.

“Stopping for him is death.”

The interview on Khodorkovsky Live channel suggests that Putin in “the first year of the war was just a try out” and then further warned, “everything is beginning just now.”

NATO and Western Europe could well be in a full scale conflict with Russia as the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has confirmed that the UK will send “long-range missiles” and that they could “potentially” send fighter jets.

Sunak has said the UK will train Ukrainian “fighter jet pilots” as Downing Street are determined to further cripple the “Kremlins war machine.”

Sunak said, he “had very good conversations with President Zelensky yesterday about our ability to provide long-range missiles that they don’t currently have, which again are going to make a big difference in the struggle against Russian aggression.”

The Prime Minister added, “And of course, we’re talking about further support, potentially with aircraft as well.

The has enraged the Kremlin and Moscow, in a statement the Russian embassy in London warned, that there will be “bloodshed, next round of escalation, and subsequent military and political ramifications for the European continent and the entire globe.”

Speaking in Brussels on Thursday President Zelensky said, “Europe will be with us until our victory.

“I’ve heard it from a number of European leaders… about the readiness to give us the necessary weapons and support, including the aircraft.

“I have a number of bilaterials now, we are going to raise the issue of the fighter jets and other aircraft.”

Zelenskyy’s chief of staff, Andriy Yermak, posted on social media on Thursday, “The question of long-range weaponry and fighter jets for Ukraine has been resolved.”

He added, “Details still to follow.”

European Council chief Charles Michel said in the Brussels, “the road to peace, reconstruction and membership will be a long, hard road.”

He added, “We’ll be with you every step of the way.”

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