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Just 29% of Brits trust that the government will prevent a third wave of Covid-19

by LLB political Reporter
27th Jun 21 1:49 pm

Last week, for former disgraced Health Secretary, Matt Hancock stated that the UK may not yet be out of the woods of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the revelation that Brits may be faced with another national lockdown later in the year, as the winter months set in.

With the majority of restrictions due to lift on 19 July and talks of international travel opening up for those double jabbed, we polled the UK to find out Brits’ thoughts on the possibility of a third wave of Covid-19:

  • Less than one in three (29%) of Brits trust that the UK government will prevent a third wave of Coronavirus
  • The majority of the UK (57%) hold both Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock responsible for any miscommunication regarding the Delta (Indian) variant, after reports that Mr. Johnson was falsely briefed by Mr. Hancock
  • Only just over a quarter of the population (26%) believe the procurement process for Government contracts for attaining PPE was undertaken in a fair manner
  • Just over a quarter of Brits (27%) would feel completely comfortable travelling internationally if restrictions were lifted for those with two Covid jabs
  • Nearly a third (30%) feel it’s still too early to travel abroad, as there are still new variants emerging

Rob Agnew, Managing Director at Norstat UK said, “The majority of the UK are still sceptical that the UK government will protect the country from a third wave of Covid-19, as cases continue to rise due to the Delta variant.

“With almost 75% of Brits believing the procurement process for government contracts during the pandemic was unfair, there is a distrust among Brits in the handling of such processes.

“With reports coming out today about Matt Hancock’s relationship with an aide, this distrust looks set to grow.”

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