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Israeli Defence Minister warns army ‘Hezbollah is 10 times stronger than Hamas’

by LLB political Reporter
19th Oct 23 11:20 am

The Israeli Defence Minister has warned his army on Thursday that the Lebanese militant group are “10 times stronger than Hamas.”

Gallant said this in a closed meeting with senior government officials, Israeli broadcaster KAN reported.

The Israeli military are building up troops in northern Israel as they are preparing for war on two fronts with the Lebanese militia group Hezbollah and Hamas in southern Israel.

Kan reported, “As part of the preparations for the expansion of fighting in the northern sector, the IDF has been working in recent days to establish a field hospital in the Galilee region that will be able to receive casualties in the event of an escalation.”

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US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin called for “Hezbollah to cease its attacks from southern Lebanon into Israel,” whilst on a call with Gallant.

The Pentagon readout says, Austin stressed in his visit to Israel last week, “I ordered additional assets to the region to bolster deterrence, and again, the message that we would send to any country or group thinking to take advantage of this situation and widen the conflict: Don’t.”

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said during the opening session of Parliament’s winter assembly that they are “preparing for the continuation of war.”

The US has warned on Monday that they cannot “rule out that Iran will get directly engaged” and take advantage of Israel’s situation.

Netanyahu warned Hezbollah and Iran, which backs the militant group, not to “test us” which comes after the Israeli military warned Hezbollah their “reaction will be deadly” if they continue with their attacks on Israel.

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