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US can’t rule out ‘Iran will get directly engaged’ and are preparing ‘for every possible contingency’

by LLB political Reporter
16th Oct 23 3:53 pm

The US has voiced their fears that Iran could become “directly engaged” in the war between Israel and Hamas and Washington are preparing “for every possible contingency.”

Iran are sold backers of Hamas and the Lebanese militia group Hezbollah and for years Tehran has been supplying weapons and funding.

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told CBS they are preparing for a new battle front on the Israel-Lebanese border.

He added, “We can’t rule out that Iran would choose to get directly engaged some way. We have to prepare for every possible contingency.”

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Sullivan added, “That is a risk and that’s a risk that we have been mindful of since the start.

“It’s why the president moves so rapidly and decisively to get an aircraft carrier into the eastern Mediterranean, to get aircraft into the Gulf, because he sent a very clear message to any state or any actor that would seek to exploit this situation.”

On Saturday the US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said they are deploying a second aircraft carrier to the eastern Mediterranean, “to deter hostile actions against Israel or any efforts toward widening this war following Hamas’s attack.”

The Israeli military have warned on Monday the Lebanese militia group Hezbollah their “reaction will be deadly” if they continue with their attacks on Israel.

Israeli Defence Force (IDF) spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said, “Hezbollah carried out a number of attacks yesterday in order to try to divert our operational efforts [away from the Gaza Strip], under the direction and backing of Iran, while endangering the state of Lebanon and its citizens.”

The Times of Israel said, that Hagari added, “We have increased our forces on the northern border and respond aggressively to any activity against us.”

He stressed: “If Hezbollah dares to test us, the reaction will be deadly. The US is giving us full backing.”

Hezbollah deputy chief Naim Qassem warned, “The behind-the-scenes calls with us by great powers, Arab countries, envoys of the United Nations, directly and indirectly telling us not to interfere will have no effect.

“Hezbollah knows its duties perfectly well. We are prepared and ready, fully ready.”

Iranian officials have given a stern warning to Israel on Saturday that Hezbollah’s “finger is on the trigger to shoot” and could enter the war at any moment.

Iran said that their armed and well trained proxies in Lebanon that Hezbollah are ready to unleash a “huge earthquake” on the “Zionist entity.”

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