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Is London the tech city of the future?

by John Saunders
3rd Sep 21 3:44 pm

The city of London is known as being the place to get all the fast advancements as well as attracts big companies due to being a busy but small city. Modern inventions such as driverless cars and zero-emission taxis are being tested at the moment. You will notice the technical advancements in a number of different industries, as explained below.

The high-street is getting a complete transformation with Amazon Go. This new store will enable visitors to scan their phone and go round the store tracking all the items that you want. The checkout process is also done quickly and efficiently online. The Shell service station is also planning on doing something similar by ID chip tracking the items. Technology is already a big part of the high-street. It is used to sort out the right orders to the right shops, as well as to analyse the data from the loyalty cards which include the profile and information of the most loyal customers. This can help the high-street stores to identify trends about where people are buying from and for what reason.

5G is obviously the future. The City Hall in London is installing mobile masts for areas with little to no internet access. The aim is to turn London into the biggest gigabit city that provides 1,000 megabits per second speed, which is fast enough to download a full HD movie in seconds. The Chief Digital Officer at City Hall states how by 2026, the digital infrastructure of London will be considered as important as other major utilities including water and electricity. The private sector within the city will also capitalise on big data and will utilise air quality data to avoid pollution.

The London City Hall has set a target for the year 2050 for London to become a zero-carbon city. An electric design has been revealed of a car that runs around 70 miles on battery before having to switch to petrol. The London Electric Vehicle Company has promised to put a lower running cost that includes a claim of £100 weekly on fuel costs. Some areas have been given £4.5 million to install around 2,000 more charging points on residential roads.

UK technological innovations

The UK has been home to some of the best inventions around, especially within the technological market. Some include:

  • ReTrack – This wearable tracks all your cycling ride, creating a 3D animation of your whole journey for you to be able to later analyse and compare with other performances.
  • Gambling – In the UK, many land-based casinos started to up their game and transform their business online. According to MrCasinova’s guide, gambling is very accepting, and many are those who bid on their favourite sports team.
  • Dyson – The Dyson home appliances have made the whole cleaning experience better. You can find some of his inventions when drying your hands at the shopping centre, regulating your air conditioner or even styling your hair. It is important to mention that all products are energy efficient.
  • Deliveroo – This company links restaurants that do not usually deliver with those that want their delivery. All drivers are self-employed and work flexibly according to their schedule. Since 2020, Deliveroo has expanded rapidly in the UK.

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