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Is an ID card printer the answer to a safer workplace in 2021

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4th Feb 21 3:15 pm

In 2021, workplaces of all shapes and sizes will be looking to put new procedures and policies in place to keep staff, visitors and anyone that visits the office safe. After the unpredictable last 12 months, when businesses to open up, it’ll be vital to ensure workspaces are COVID-secure and able to welcome people back safely.

If you’re wondering exactly how your business can do this, the answer might be by using a simple yet extremely effective ID card printer. These little machines are one of the best ways to create a safe working environment in 2021.

1. ID cards allow you to identify people on site immediately

With less staff operating than usual, your people and workplace could be left more vulnerable to intruders who should not be accessing the building. Choosing an ID card printer that can print straight on to access control cards is a vital way of ensuring this can’t happen. Many businesses are reviewing the way people access the workplace post COVID, so it’s worth reviewing your staff ID policies at the same time. An ID card printer an ideal way of kickstarting a review of workplace security and creating a safer working environment.

2. It increases security across the board

Over the last 12 months, an emphasis has been placed on workplace security like never before. To a large extent, that’s from a public health point of view. But it all starts with safety and security in general, and being able to identify members of staff and know where they are. The way businesses will be working in 2021 will of course depend on the size of and nature of your organisation. Things such as phased returns, the amount of people sharing the same space and how time is split between the home and office all needs to be thought about. An identification and access control policy is the perfect way of creating a way of working that works for you. For that, you’ll need an ID card printer.

3. You can spot visitors more easily

To create COVID-secure environments, challenging visitors and keeping them in the right space is now essential. It’s important they don’t meet people they shouldn’t, while the staff themselves may be working in bubbles too. Creating an ID card system ensures you can identify everyone immediately, while combining photo ID and visitor passes with coloured lanyards is a fantastic way of ensuring bubbles and visitor protocol is adhered to.

4. It helps maintain a COVID-safe environment

Creating your own ID cards with photographic identification, name and other details is all fine and dandy. But many people forget you can print any information you want onto ID cards. As they are carried around at all times, often in conjunction with a lanyard, they are the perfect place to print COVID-specific information to gently remind staff about guidelines and new social distancing measures. This ensures

5. It shows your staff you care about their wellbeing

Reassuring staff and show you care about their welfare has always been a priority for many, but with the unprecedented difficulties of working in 2020, it’s more important than ever before. Creating a specific staff ID card policy and giving your people the tools they need to stay safe at work shows you’re a caring employer. More and more organisations are now incorporating ID and access control policies into workplace handbooks to ensure staff know they are safe and can easily adapt to a more secure way of working post-pandemic.

If you want more information on ID card printers and systems that will work for you, Digital ID have years of expertise working in the sector, offering hundreds of public and private organisations the tools they need to stay safe at work.

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