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How to use video to drive business growth

by Sarah Dunsby
14th Sep 23 12:44 pm

Getting your business to grow should always be at the top of your list of priorities. It is one of the most important aspects of owning a business. It is also the hardest part of the experience as well.

If you’ve been feeling like you have been asleep on new marketing strategies for your business, then you should rise up!

If you go in the right direction, you can reap a lot of benefits from this. If you’re ready to find out exactly how you can skyrocket your conversions, here are some ways in which you can use video to grow your business.

Create a video marketing strategy

One of the best things you can do is to ensure that you create a video marketing strategy for your business. Without a plan, it makes it easier for you to fail. The first thing on your agenda should be creating a target audience and finding out as much about them as you possibly can.

You need to know exactly what they like to do, and how they will spend most of their time, especially on social media. Once you have created a profile for them it will be easier for you to understand exactly how you need to target them and how you can grab their attention.

Take a look at what your competitors are doing and take notes. This is all the blueprint you’re going to need about what to do to skyrocket your business for success.

You can also use this time to find out which social media platforms work best for your business. Not all platforms will be right for you but you can gauge which ones are right for you simply by taking a look at what your competitors are doing.

Don’t be afraid to latch on to some of their work and then put your own unique spin on it.

Explainer videos

The first type of videos that you should be trying are explainer videos. Explainer videos will help you showcase your products in such a way that will assist you in showing off the main features of your products.

When people can see the main features of your product they will likely succumb to the temptation to buy it especially if they are blown away by your presentation.

The key is to keep them enraptured at all times to get them emotionally caught up in the video and attached to the product. To do this you need to make sure that you create a storyboard for how you’re going to create your explainer videos.

Ensure there is a strong hook and do things along the way that encourage these people to watch to the end. Not only will you get people paying more attention to your video but you also trigger the algorithm on most of these platforms because they reward the amount of watch time that you get for your videos.

This means that it will be pushed out more and more people and you are likely to receive many more customers. You want to make sure that your videos leave your customers eating out of the palm of your hands.

Create an about us video

Customers always want to know as much about a business as possible. It provides a great way for you to share how your business got started and behind the scenes of everything that you do. This is a great way to create an emotional connection with your audience.

Catering to that nosy Parker in your customers is a great way for you to get them to trust you enough to take your product recommendations at face value. You need to be as transparent as you possibly can so that you give your audience enough motivation to connect with you. Never lie when you have your audience eating out of the palm of your hands like this. Once you break trust it will be almost impossible to re-establish it.

Product videos

Another great way to use video is to simply let people know about your product. You don’t have to demonstrate its use and purposes at this point or explain anything. You can just let the product be seen so that people become aware that you have it.

You can give some small details about the product that are captivating and will capture the imagination of the audience. Otherwise, you will not have to do much in your product video. Try to take the video from several different angles if possible so that the product can be shown in all its glory.

Video quality

Of course one of the things you want to be mindful of at all times is the quality of the videos that you are putting out there. The quality of the video is important because you can easily turn people off if your videos are not aesthetically pleasing or if they lack good sound quality.

These are things you must work on. There are some fundamental things that you can do to make sure that you blow your audience out of the water every time that you produce a video.

First of all, be careful of camera quality. Most phones these days have high-quality cameras that you can use to capture videos at higher resolution.

If you have the money for it you can buy a camera to help you create your product videos, however, if you’re a startup on a tight budget then this is not necessary just use what you have and don’t go breaking the bank. Just make sure that you understand the aesthetics of positioning products.

There are many courses online that you can take that will show you how to position your product in the best way. Pay attention to lighting as well when you are taking videos of your products.

The good news is that from these videos you can create stills that you can post on your social media as well.

Understand each platform

You need to understand all the platforms that you will be using. While vertical video is all the rage and you can use one video across different platforms, there might be certain types of vertical video that work well on one platform but they don’t work on another.

It means that you will need to make sure that each of the videos you create is perfectly suited for your audience on each of the platforms that you have. Try video encoding as well to increase video security, while you are at it.

It’s easy to be lazy when it comes to this since you’re creating content and you want to post it everywhere but just make sure that is truly benefiting you. If it is then go ahead, if it isn’t then you need to make content separately for each platform.

Level up

Leveling up your business is something that you should always have on your to-do list! If you don’t then you’re going to find your business tumbling like dry weed in the desert. This is the last thing you want especially when it’s so easy to use video to help push your business to a new level.

Look at your business and decide which areas you want to highlight with video. Write out some creative ideas that you can use, to achieve the goals you want to.

Do not be afraid to take a chance and head down a particular direction when it comes to selecting what will grow your business.

You should always try to think outside of the box. There are always a ton of new ideas out there, just be sure that you grab your lasso and reel everything in that is right for your business.

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