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How to optimise your call tracking software

by Sarah Dunsby
28th Nov 22 10:06 am

One of the most effective tools for any business is call tracking software.

This advanced software is the key to unlocking new levels of engagement, and creating the highest performing activities throughout every area of your marketing.

That being said, there are various things you can do to achieve optimal efficiency and success with your call tracking software.

In this article, you’ll learn what UK call tracking software is and what you can do to fully optimise call tracking for your business.

Read on to find out more.

What is call tracking software?

Call tracking software is the perfect tool for giving you an accurate and thorough way of tracking your customer calls. As well as tracking them, your software will also help you analyse various aspects of each call to give you a clear overview of customer interaction. The data you get includes:

  • The visits from each source to the point of conversion or call
  • Any important keywords mentioned in calls
  • How much revenue is generated from each call
  • Call ring duration

What’s more, your software will enable you to analyse and evaluate customer engagement using a variety of insights and reports.

This extensive data will help you establish the different levels of interaction, showing where leads and sales are being generated within each area of your marketing.

Call tracking is the best tool for giving you a complete overview of customer engagement, and revealing how both callers and non-callers alike are interacting with your business.

What can you do to fully optimise call tracking for your business

When using call tracking software, there are various things to consider which will help you optimise the software. This includes:

1. Choose the right software provider

The first, and potentially most crucial thing to consider to optimise your call tracking, is choosing the right provider for you.

Your call tracking platform will be the core driving force behind your marketing performance, so it’s essential you choose a provider that can offer you advanced software.

For instance, a more professional software will offer you the widest variety of call metrics, so the data you receive surrounding your customer calls covers every aspect of customer interaction. With more – and better – data, you’ll have a much clearer picture of customer engagement.

An expert provider means a significant increase in efficiency and effectiveness with your software.

2. Create customer journey maps

Another way to make the most of your call tracking software, is to make sure you create customer journey maps with the software’s detailed insights and reports.

These will show the exact journeys each customer takes through all the touchpoints in your marketing.

This includes every touchpoint visited before, during, and after they called you. You can also see the journeys of visitors who don’t end up calling.

These maps will give you an accurate overview of your marketing performance, where you’ll see the leads and sales generated from each area of your marketing. Using this data, you can establish your most – and least – successful marketing activities.

3. Incorporate speech analytics

Another way to reach full potential with your software is to incorporate speech analytics. This is a useful feature available within your call tracking platform, and it transcribes every customer call, and identifies any important keywords mentioned in every conversation.

This is vital for many reasons, such as the fact it can help indicate valuable leads for your business. By picking up certain keywords, you can quickly identify whether certain customers are highly interested in making a purchase.

By analysing the journeys of these valuable leads, you might find there’s a specific marketing channel or campaign that’s generating the most leads. In response, you can further develop these marketing activities to give an additional boost of leads, and increase your phone conversions.

With these crucial tips, you can fully optimise your call tracking software to ensure the highest level of customer engagement, and significant increases in your leads and sales.

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