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How to make your loved ones happy and show that you care

by John Saunders
3rd Jun 19 1:48 pm

Your loved ones don’t just include your girlfriend, fiancé, or wife. It could be anyone that you genuinely care about and who cares about you. It could be your mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, or even a friend. The biggest treasure one can have is a family. A family that you love and they love you. It’s not something that you can buy. That’s why they shouldn’t be taken for granted and, every now and then, you should show that you care about them. Here are five perfect ways to say you love them without saying ‘I love you’.

A hand-written letter

Feeling sentimental? Want to share your feeling with your loved ones? Here’s an old school traditional way to do it. Give them a hand-written letter. You can say it, type it, or get a card but nothing beats a hand-written letter. It may sound exaggerating, but the reader will actually be able to feel you through your handwriting. It feels special and shows that you gave it a thought before writing the letter with your own hands.

Cook for them

Who doesn’t love food? I know I immediately fall in love with anyone who feeds me. A great and proven way to show your love is to cook for them. If possible, try to surprise them. You can get early in the morning and cook breakfast before your loved one wakes up. Not even the most expensive 7-star restaurant can outshine this gesture.

Call them once a day

Who says you have to show your love only on selected days? You can make your loved one happy every single day. It’s nothing difficult, just call once a day. You don’t have to live in different cities for this. When you are out at work or your loved one is out at work, give them a call to ask how the day is going. Do it at a time when you know they will be free (like on a lunch break). Call them only once so you don’t disturb in their work.

Try a surprise gift delivery

A surprise gift is a perfect way to win someone’s heart. It doesn’t have to be a special day like valentine or mother’s day. You can do it any time for no reason other than to make them happy. There is a perfect way to surprise with a beautiful gift when they least expect it. It’s called gift delivery. For example, Happy Box provides London gift delivery services online. You can choose a gift on their website and they will deliver it wherever you want on the same day with flowers and hampers.

Help them in small tasks

Nothing says ‘I care about you’ better than helping them in their regular chores. For example, you can help your wife do the dishes, help brother wash his car, or any other similar act. You don’t have to ask their permission or say anything. Just go start doing what they are doing. They will feel happy deep inside their heart.

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