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How much time do workers spend in Excel every day?

by LLB Reporter
13th Jul 17 9:42 am

Here’s the survey

Microsoft Excel is still business critical. 30 years since its launch, it’s more popular than ever: 1bn people use it.

A survey that Excel with Business recently undertook indicates that workers use Excel for more than an hour every day, with finance and R&D professionals spending 2.5 and 3 hours a day respectively. See below:


However, our study of 45,000 office workers revealed that, despite using Excel daily, major, fundamental knowledge gaps are the norm.

For example, these 45,000 workers only got 28 per cent of our Excel questions correct.  Accountants, understandably confident at Excel, were only the 3rd most proficient group of professionals. Almost 50 per cent of the questions were answered incorrectly, even by top accountants!


We asked all of our users who work in accounting to answer a single question for us. Think you know the answer?


Just 18 per cent got the answer right. Statistically, there is a 33 per cent chance of getting it right just by guessing, (‘Don’t Know’ doesn’t count as a guess)The first option is correct, by the way.

Excel knowledge has been proven to boost productivity in the workplace and also potential salaries – according to one survey, learning your trade on Excel could help people in a huge variety of industries increase their annual salary by up to ten percent.

Learning and professional development is a life long journey – take the time to invest in your core day to day skills and you’ll reap the benefits in the future.

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*Statistics gathered are for occupational categories in the O*Net database determined by a 2011 survey

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