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Hong Kong Police shoot protester with live round in the chest

by LLB Reporter
1st Oct 19 10:39 am

Hong Kong Police have shot a protester in the chest with a live round as thousands of protestors dressed in black are denouncing China’s Communist Party as it marks their 70th year in power.

Activist, Lee Cheuk-yan told Sky News, “Today we are out to tell the Communist Party that Hong Kong people have nothing to celebrate.

“We are mourning that in 70-years of Communist Party rule, the democratic rights of people in Hong Kong and China are being denied. We will continue to fight.”

Sky News Alex Crawford who is at the scene in the admiralty area of the city said the “activist is bleeding profusely.”

Crawford said, “We understand there are unconfirmed reports three live rounds have been fired two in one area, and another in one which according to local media shot a man in the chest.

“That would be a dramatic turn of events if that was a police bullet and a protester lying injured now.

“He is reported to be bleeding profusely. It has been absolute mayhem here for the last two hours.

“A water cannon has been used, tear gas has been fired and one journalist has been injured.”

South China Morning Post has reported that police in Hong Kong has fired live rounds.

The BBC has reported that police are firing tear gas in the direction of where journalists have retreated. Sky’s Alex Crawford has said that “one journalist has been injured.”

She further reported that police are using water cannons and the water is mixed with blue dye and something “toxic” as it is hard to breathe.

She said, “The police have said the city is one step away from terrorism.

“This water cannon is very, very effective at dispersing crowds.

“I think the water has definitely been mixed with something because it is very toxic. You find it hard to breathe.

“It is not just water, not just blue dye.”

A Hong Kong police official told the Associated Press that an officer was surrounded by protesters and drew his handgun and pointed it at the group.

He then fired his gun and a protester collapsed and other protesters ran.

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