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‘Hitler’ Putin faces humiliation as thousands of Russians say up yours as they flee to escape the ‘not wanted’ conscription

by LLB staff reporter
27th Feb 22 12:38 pm

It has emerged that thousands of Russians are trying to flee to avoid conscription as they have openly opposed the Ukraine war and many are telling Hitler Putin this is “not wanted.”

US immigration lawyers have been overwhelmed with requests as Russian men aged between 20 and 55 are asking America for political protection from Putin.

According to the Telegraph record numbers of Russian’s and their families have started to cross from Mexico into the US to seek political asylum in recent months.

It is expected that numbers will “sky rocket” immigration lawyers have suggested particularly for men who are of the age for conscription.

Thousands of Russian men aged between 18 and 60 have been thrown out of cars and their homes and forced to join the Russian army through conscription.

Hundreds of thousands of Russians across the world have said that war is “not wanted” and are openly opposing the Ukraine conflict.

US border officials said that in 2021 9,736 Russians were apprehended at the US Southern border with Mexico, compared to just 467 in 2020.

Ekaterina Mouratova, a Russian-American immigration lawyer based in Miami said, “We have never been so busy.

“But the number is going to skyrocket. I have got tons of emails in the last few days – hundreds.

“They are mostly men between 20 and 55 who are asking if they can get protection from the US if Russia does a mandatory military draft. These people do not want to go to war.

“Conditions in Russia are becoming harsher and harsher and there is a lot of political instability around the region. More and more people are looking for a way out.”

Mouratova said her firm, the Immigration Centre of Ekaterina Mouratova, are dealing with “dozens of people” each week.

One of her clients, Yevgeniy, a bank manager from Moscow, who made the journey to the US in September with his wife, told the Telegraph, “When people saw the luxurious lifestyle politicians had and that they weren’t doing anything for the people, lots of us took to the streets.

“But the protests became violent. I was beaten up and thrown in jail to teach me a lesson.”

He said he became targeted by the Russian authorities after he complained about his mistreatment in prison and his “mother was threatened.”

He added, “People started threatening my mother and I saw that police were arresting people on false charges saying they were extremists.

“One day they came to my apartment to seize my computer and electronics. I told them there was nothing on there, but they said they would for sure find extremist material. This was not an empty threat so I went to a friend’s apartment and started to research where I could go.”

Mouratova is expecting thousands of Ukrainians to head to the US as Ukraine is at war with Russia.

She said, “It’s sad. I have hundreds of clients with the same stories.

“They are not revolutionaries, they are simple people who are facing very harsh consequences.

“They are not economic migrants either. They have left everything behind.”

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