Home Business News Former Russian FSB commander warns they ‘face imminent military defeat’ as troops ‘fled the frontline’ in Bakhmut

Former Russian FSB commander warns they ‘face imminent military defeat’ as troops ‘fled the frontline’ in Bakhmut

9th May 23 2:39 pm

Igor Girkin who is a former Russian commander and FSB officer told his 800,000 followers on Telegram that Vladimir Putin is facing an “imminent military defeat” in Ukraine.

He has suggested that this could happen quite quickly, warning, “There is no strategy – there is no conscious work for its implementation.”

He accused the Kremlin of having “childish confidence” and said that Moscow must work out how to “save the state” and the “country.”

Girkin said, “And the enemy initially has such a strategy and he implements it with all his might. More and more successfully, as the Kremlin ‘plays giveaway’ with inexplicable rapture and childish confidence in the final ‘negotiation’…

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“Now we need to think about how to save the state, country and people in a situation of imminent military defeat.

“And, yes, – even for a ‘worthy non-fatal defeat’ (in which the enemies will be forced to abandon their plans for the complete fragmentation of Russia and the elimination of its sovereignty), it will be necessary to fight long and hard.”

In Ukraine Russian troops are “leaving their positions” and the frontline which is nearly “two kilometres wide and 500 metres deep” has been “abandoned” in Bakhmut.

Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin blasted military chiefs in Moscow for the second time in less than a week.

Over the weekend Moscow said that Prigzhin will get everything they need which includes “ammunition and weapons,” but today he has said they have received nothing.

Wagner forces in the besieged city have less than 30% of ammunition and will be deemed traitors if they are forced to leave their positions.

Prigozhin said, “if there is no ammunition, then we will leave our positions and be the ones asking who is really betraying the motherland.”

He added, “We are requesting 7,200 units [of military equipment] per 10 days. We are given 1,600 units for 10 days. 750 for [a request of] 7,200 [units], 60 [for a request of] 960 [units].

“This morning the chief of the General Staff personally corrected all the numbers and reduced them by 10 times. This is very bad.”

The Wagner chief said the 72nd brigade and Gazprom “Torch” had to abandon their positions as around 500 of his troops were killed.

Prigozhin said, “Today, absolutely everything is done to make it [the frontline] crumble.

“Therefore, today one of the units of the defence ministry fled from one of our flanks. Leaving positions, everyone fled and abandoned [part of] the frontline, almost two kilometres wide and 500 metres deep.”

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