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Government warns Brits to ‘act now’ stockpile with food and water as there is growing threats

22nd May 24 4:19 pm

The government are warning Brits to “act now” and stockpile three days worth of food and water as there is growing threats from China, Iran, North Korea and Russia.

The Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden is calling on Brits to prepare for prolonged power cuts, being cut off from key services, flooding, cyber attacks or catastrophic events from enemy state actors.

Dowden has called on the public to stock up on “analogue” capabilities such as lighters or matches candles, torches with spare batteries, wind-up radios, medical kits, wet wipes, along with enough food provisions if Brits are told to stay indoors.

Dowden has revealed a new “Prepare” website which is calling on people to stock up on tinned meat, vegetables as well as other items.

People are being told that they need a minimum of three litres of drinking water per person for each day, and 10 litres of drinking water is recommended for hygiene and cooking.

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People are being told to “prepare” for food that “doesn’t need cooking” such as fruit and baby formula if required.

Last week the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak warned the UK’s in “the most dangerous times” ever seen and “almost every aspect of our lives is going to change.”

Sunak warned that over the next five years the UK will be “some of the most dangerous” we have ever seen as we are now at a “crossroads.”

Sunak said that “axis of authoritarian states” such as China, North Korea, Iran and Russia are increasingly posing more and more threats.

Dowden insists the measures is “about sensible safeguards, not stockpiling” and a source said he is not wanting to come across as “alarmist” as this is “common sense” advice if there is such an emergency.

Finland has a “72-hour concept” for such events should “society’s services are disrupted or even discontinued.”

During a speech at Policy Exchange last week Sunak said, “Over the next few years, from our democracy to our economy to our society – to the hardest questions of war and peace – almost every aspect of our lives is going to change.

“How we act in the face of these changes – not only to keep people safe and secure but to realise the opportunities too – will determine whether or not Britain will succeed in the years to come. And this is the choice facing the country.”

The Prime Minister said that the authoritarian states are “working together to undermine us and our values.”

Sunak said that extremists are “exploiting the global conflicts that divide us.”

Sunak then warned, “More will change in the next five years than the last 30.”

He added, “I’m convinced that the next few years will be some of the most dangerous yet the most transformational that our country has ever known.”

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