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Fuelling UK drivers’ frustrations are potholes, tailgating, not indicating & being cut up

by LLB Reporter
26th Jun 23 12:39 pm

A new UK survey reveals drivers are being driven to distraction when behind the wheel. Over 750 drivers told InsuretheGap.com, a specialist provider of GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance, they are “frequently frustrated” (63%) by other road users, but their absolute number one frustration when driving is potholes (65%).

Other frustrations include tailgating (55%), motorway middle lane hoggers (54%), not indicating (47%), drivers on their phones (42%) and drivers who duck into the lane at the last minute (35%).

However, 62% of the respondents are honest enough to admit to doing these same things themselves at times.

To show their annoyance, drivers are most likely to beep their horn (71%), flash their lights (64%), and gesture (41%) and swear (29%) at another driver.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, over a third (35%) of drivers have been in a road rage incident, with two thirds (66%) experiencing verbal abuse, over half (57%) the dangerous practice of tailgating, an additional 48% beeping and flashing lights and 38% brake-testing. One in ten have even been in a physical altercation.

Ben Wooltorton at InsuretheGap.com, said, “We’ve all been irritated by the driver who refuses to queue patiently and cuts in at the last minute, or the one who won’t let you into their lane even though traffic is being held up whilst you are waiting.

“When faced with these situations, it’s far better to keep a cool head than getting revved up, not least because you could be the one who ends up being punished for it.

“Engaging in hand gestures at another driver could be deemed ‘losing control of the vehicle’ as the Highway Code states that you should drive with both hands on the wheel wherever possible. It also says that a car horn is only to alert to an on-coming danger, so you’re risking a £30 on the spot fine if it’s abused.”

He added, “What also infuriates drivers is if their car is written off, or stolen, and the insurance company only pays out what it is worth at the time, not what they paid for it.

“This can potentially leave drivers thousands of pounds out of pocket. This is where GAP insurance can help, with cover from InsuretheGap usually costing a fraction of the price of the cover offered by the car dealerships.”

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