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Front-end development best practices and trends

by John Saunders
28th Dec 21 9:35 am

The front-end of a website or web app is what users see when interacting with the solution. Some years ago, front-end developers used just CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for front-end. With the rise of digitalisation, a lot of new technologies have been introduced.   Whether you build your digital solution in assistance with a front-end development company or on your own, you should be aware of the recent front-end development trends. In this blog post, we’ll reveal 5 front-end trends relevant for 2022.

Why front-end development is essential for business success

Users expect high performance from web pages. They should load in seconds, or users tend to leave the website. So, let’s take a look into why the front-end plays an important role in ensuring business success.

  • When visiting a company website, users first interact with front-end interfaces. Thus, it’s essential to create not only attractive visuals but the ones that will ensure a smooth user experience.
  • Front-end development is crucial for branding purposes. Colours and graphics will help build a strong association of products with your brand.

Front-end development trends

JavaScript will remain the main Client-Side language in web development

The recent reports and surveys show that JavaScript will remain the main programming language in app development. Just get insight into the stats below:

The programming language has played a fundamental role in user relationships with browsers as it made web browsers more interactive by turning them into web applications. With the huge number of JavaScript-based libraries and frameworks available, it has contributed a lot to web development. And when JavaScript opened the door to back-end and cross-platform development, it gained even more popularity among developers. As one of the best languages to learn, it allows businesses to find skilled developers for their web development projects.

In recent years, libraries and frameworks built on JavaScript have also been gaining popularity, and the tendency will continue to grow in the upcoming year. So, below we’ll focus on the latest trends in front-end development that are related to major JS frameworks and libraries.

The react 18 release will come soon

For the last three years, React.js has been among developers’ most loved technologies with 31.3% in 2019, 35.9% in 2020, and 40.14% in 2021. Here are a few considerations about the state of React in 2022:

  • React developers have recently announced that React 18 is now in beta, and after its release, it will be adopted by existing applications and libraries. Among the improvements of the new version will be out-of-the-box improvements, new APIs, and a new streaming server renderer.
  • The pandemic forced businesses to accelerate digital transformation, so start-ups and middle-size companies will choose React to optimize their expenditure on software development. Speedy development and better app performance make React a great choice for creating cost-efficient solutions.
  • The statistics from Stack Overflow Surveys show that developers will go ahead to learn React, so the employment market will not expect the lack of qualified talents.

Considering the trends mentioned above, React will grow stronger and more mature in 2022.

Angular will move forward with Angular v13

If you consider hiring an Angular.js development company, you should be aware of the latest Angular updates. Similar to React, Angular has also been upgraded, and the new version Angular v13 is now available. With Angular v13, the developers continue their mission to transfer the ecosystem to the Ivy compiler. What’s new about this release? These are the major changes of Angular v13:

  • The View Engine compiler is no longer available.
  • The component API has been simplified.
  • The new version no longer supports Internet Explorer 11.
  • The CLI has been updated with new features.
  • The testing procedure has been enhanced with new features.

For entrepreneurs who decide to build their digital solutions with Angular in 2022, the changes will mean the optimisation of the project team’s efficiency. The new features will help the team improve the development life cycle, which will result in saved costs.

The main question in 2022: Vue 2 or Vue 3?

Since the release of the updated version Vue 3, businesses and developers have been wondering which one should they use in 2021 and 2022? Though updates are always great, for a particular project, the previous version Vue 2 may be a better solution. So, when would companies use or don’t use Vue 3 in 2022?

  1. If you’ve already started a complex project on Vue 2, it may not be cost-efficient to migrate to Vue 3.
  2. If you want to improve the performance of your app, then you’d rather use Vue 3 as it has better performance.
  3. If your project requires the use of TypeScript, Vue 3 will be better.
  4. Finally, for new projects that don’t need IE11 support and the use of dependencies, Vue 3 should be used.

All in all, in 2022 developers will continue to adopt a new version and its improvements.

WAsm Is one of the most talked trends

Another latest trend that will move to the upcoming year is WebAssembly. It is aimed at ensuring high performance of web applications, but its format is designed to improve the work in other environments, too. Though the implementation of WebAssembly is still at early stages, it’s one of the most discussed trends in front-end development. Considering the opportunity to take advantage of WebAssembly’s performance, developers will go on exploring the technology in 2022.

Bottom line

To succeed in building a well-thought-out front-end, it’s vital to stay aware of new updates and advancements of technologies you apply. Only by following this approach, you’ll be able to be competitive in the market. By employing the right technology trend, you’ll improve your web product and provide a better experience to your end-users. If you feel doubt about what trend would work for your business, you should have a consultation with front-end experts.

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